What is CMS?

What is CMS?

How CMS Works
What is a CMS? A CMS is a content management system that is used to manage the content on a website. The content can consist of web pages, videos, pictures, eBooks, white papers, etc.

Anything having to do with the content of a website can be managed with a CMS easily and quickly, such as updating a web page or adding a picture to a web page. The benefits of having a CMS can include:

  • Quick and easy set-up (after the learning curve)
  • Administrative interface (back office)
  • Ability to redesign templates
  • Extensions and plug-ins automate tasks

Content management systems videos and webinars

The videos and webinars in this blog post all focus on what is a CMS, the different types of content management systems available and there will also be video introductions for some of the systems.

I will list the first two videos quickly so that you can jump right in and begin learning about content management systems and then I’ll add some text so that you can reinforce what you’ve learned from the videos. Please bookmark this page now.

What is a CMS? - Building eBusiness - Internet marketing video

What is CMS and do I need one? - Internet marketing video

This webinar is produced by Hall Internet Marketing. The presenter is Alayna White, she is a CMS manager/developer for Hall.

The video lasts about 25 minutes and goes into detail about content management systems.

What Is a CMS and Do I Need One? from Hall Internet Marketing on Vimeo.

Content management systems explained

The videos below cover the different types of CMSs that are available for you to use and how to use them. In the text that follows I’m going to talk a little bit about content management systems.

You can skip down to the video introductions to Joomla, WordPress and Drupal and if you’re in a hurry.

As you have seen in the webinar a content management system makes it easy to add content to a website or change web pages by:

What is Drupal CMS

  • Adding text
  • Adding hyper-linked text
  • Adding pictures
  • And other content

The best part of a CMS is that you can create a system to have multiple users so that different people on your team can add content to your website.

However, one of the things to consider is how many people will be allowed to use the system to publish content on the website.

If you’re on your own that is not an issue but small businesses have different strategies when it comes to their CMS.

For example, some companies allow everyone to publish content or only a select few.

Other companies have one person managing the system so that every piece of content goes through one person before it is published on the website.

An Introduction to Joomla’s Content Management System - Internet marketing video

Joomla! CMS
Joomla is a free community developed open source content management system that can be customized to fit the requirements of many personal and business websites.

In this webinar you will be given an introduction to Joomla. The speaker goes over the basics of setting up a Joomla site.

She also goes over the pros and cons of the CMS so that you will be able to decide if it would be a good solution for your personal or business website.

An Introduction to Joomla from Hall Internet Marketing on Vimeo.

An Introduction to the WordPress Content Management System - Internet marketing video

This CMS webinar is an introduction to the WordPress content management system. She talks about some of the history of the CMS and basic usage information.

WordPress CMS
WordPress is a blogging platform that has grown into being a lot more to the people who use the system.

This very popular system has many features and a large following. In this webinar we will go over the pros and cons of WordPress and provide the basics so that you can determine if it is something you can use for your personal or business website.

An Introduction to WordPress from Hall Internet Marketing on Vimeo.

An Introduction to the Drupal Content Management System - Internet marketing video

A lot of people have heard of the Drupal content management system as it continues to grow in popularity.

Drupal has a large following of people that swear by the system. This webinar talks about the pros and cons of the CMS and how it can be used to create custom websites.

After watching this webinar you will know the basics of Drupal and you’ll be in a better place to make a decision if it can be a solution for your website.

An Introduction to Drupal from Hall Internet Marketing on Vimeo.

Additional resources for content management systems and content development 

Listed below are links to the content management systems that were discussed on this blog post.  There are also links to other content articles, webinars and short videos.

- Drupal website

- Joomla website

- WordPress website

- ZenCart (shopping cart CMS)

- php88 (forum CMS)

- List of other content management systems

- Video Making Tips Producing Great Video Content

- Blog Content Online Content Coming Up With New Content

- Web Content Development Content Marketing Webinar

- Content Marketing Strategy

- Content Rules by Ann Handley and C.C. Chapman

- How To Use PLR Content For Internet Marketing

- Video Content For Internet Marketing

I hoped your question, what is a CMS was answered. A content management system shouldn’t be difficult to install and understand after you get over the learning curve.

Any content management system should be used frequently to keep your website updated with fresh content. Which CMS did you decide on trying first?

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Google+ Social Networking Project Review

Google+ Social Networking Project Review

Google Goes Social Networking
The Google+ social networking project hasn’t rolled out yet. At least not to the general population.

The social networking project is still in a limited field trial and is not accepting any new subscribers.

On the Google+ social networking website there is an option to leave an email address in order to be notified when an opening occurs plus.google.com

“Right now, we're testing with a small number of people, but it won't be long before the Google+ project is ready for everyone. Leave us your email address and we'll make sure you're the first to know when we're ready to invite more people.”

There are about 10 videos below. Each video talks about a specific feature of the social network.

The Google+ social network is a lot like Facebook but easier to use. You can decide what pieces of content you want to share with different members of your social circle.  For example, you can decide to share a picture with only family members or only certain members of a group.  After the videos I'll write a little about the project.

Video - The Google+ project: A quick look

Video - The Google+ project: Explore Settings

Video - The Google+ project: Explore Mobile

Video - The Google+ project: Explore Hangouts 1

Video - The Google+ project: Hangouts 2

Video - The Google+ project: Circles 1

Video - The Google+ project: Explore Circles 2

Video - The Google+ project: Explore Sparks 1

Video - The Google+ project: Sparks 2

Video - The Google+ project: Huddle

Video - The Google+ project: Instant Upload

Google+ Social Networking Project Review

Google+ is incredibly easy to set up as it functions almost like Facebook. There are features that allow you to integrate all of your Google accounts along with your pics on Picasa.

The best part is that you can decide who will see your content.

You share different things with the different people in your network. So sharing the right stuff with the right people isn’t a problem.

Circles makes it easy to put your friends from Friday night’s party in one circle, your parents in another, and your boss in a circle by himself - just like real life.

I think the ease of use will make the Google social network popular in the first few months but people will get bored and go back to Facebook. Don’t discount it yet. Wait till it rolls out and give it a try.

I hope these videos on Google+ Social Networking Project allowed you to see how easy it can be to share content across the Internet. Google isn’t finished trying to enhance our web experience. It’s just getting started.

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Content Marketing Strategies | Strategic Expert Advice

Content Marketing Strategies | Strategic Expert Advice

Content Marketing Statistics
These videos on content marketing strategies will give you a few good tips on what you can do with your content.

As a content marketer or someone that wants to get into content marketing it is better to understand the trends such as what’s happening now, in order to get ahead of the game.

There are five videos and one slide show in this post. The video titles are listed below:

  • What is Content Marketing?
  • Content Marketing Strategy: Where Does Content Marketing Begin?
  • Building a Content Strategy - Joe Pulizzi - Part 1
  • How to build an effective content marketing strategy
  • Social Marketing - Content Sharing Strategy Explained
  • Content Marketing Strategies Conference: Arnie Kuenn_intersection of content marketing and search

I will briefly talk about each video to give you the opportunity to read what the video is about and what you’ll be learning.

This video answers the question - What is content marketing? - Internet marketing video

This video talks about where content marketing is headed and gives a few tips. There are about five industry professionals giving quick talks.

Content Marketing Strategy: Where Does Content Marketing Begin? - Internet marketing video 

This video talks about using a blog as a hub for your content marketing efforts. Maintain all of your content on the blog and then disperse it from there.

For example, you can decide to share certain content on Facebook.com and other content on Digg.com but the content is centrally located on the blog.

Content marketing statistics

The pictures for this blog post were lifted from Junta42.com from their post Content Marketing Spending Report. You can view the PDF – 2010 Content Marketing Spending Survey here.

If a picture is too small for you to read you can click on it to make it bigger and then click on the back button to come back to this page.

Content Marketing Product Statistics

Building a Content Strategy

This video was produced by Kim Albee who is the president of Genoo. She interviews Joe Pulizzi.

Kim says that she believes that people are now getting the importance of content but that when it comes to creating content most people get lost.

Before we can begin building a content marketing strategy we should ask the following questions:

  • What do you stand for?
  • What do you want to communicate?
  • What are the informational needs of your target?

Joe talks about content marketers as being publishers. If you own a blog or a website you are now a publisher and the goal of a publisher is to give people the content they need in the form they can best consume the content.

Building a Content Strategy - Joe Pulizzi - Part 1.mp4 - Internet marketing video

How to build an effective content marketing strategy

Jamie O'Donnell, SEO-PR, interviews Lee Odden, TopRank Online Marketing, on the subject of content marketing at SES San Francisco 2010.

Marketers typically try to capture content based on demand, according to Lee.

But in using a content marketing strategy, marketers should be identifying buyer personas and analyzing the information consumption needs and preferences of consumers, and optimize for it.

Lee describes it as putting the customer first rather than the behavior first.

Lee says in order to create a content marketing strategy marketers must create an editorial plan, similar to a publisher, and know first how they are going to promote it once it is published.

Content Marketing Budget Statistics
Then Lee describes the various search channels that marketers must integrate into their online content marketing strategy starting off with Google and YouTube.

Then it's a battle between the number of queries logged by Twitter and the various third party real-time applications such as TweetDeck, plus search engines, Yahoo and Bing.

Lee then elaborates on the possible reasons why marketers have been late into the game when it comes to integrating the social media marketing  platform, YouTube, as part of their overall content marketing strategy.

To implement an effective content marketing strategy, Lee says businesses must become familiar with the search results for their target keyword phrases and constantly monitor the search and social media landscape to see what is being featured about them and their products.

How to build an effective content marketing strategy with Lee Odden at SES San Francisco - Internet marketing video

Social Marketing - Content Sharing Strategy Explained - Internet marketing video

Social Marketing can be one of the best mlm network marketing strategies for generating high quality leads for your business - IF you do it correctly.

This video discusses the basic overview of the content sharing strategy, including the different components and various websites.

Slide Show - Content Marketing Strategies Conference: Arnie Kuenn_intersection of content marketing and search

Additional content marketing strategies resources

There are a few links below that lead to additional articles on content marketing that you may find useful.

There are also a lot of internet marketing videos and webinars on this blog. Have a look around and make sure to bookmark this page so that you can come back to it again.

- Content Marketing Today

- 5 Content Marketing Strategies for Small Business

- 5 Step Model for a Killer B2B Content Marketing Strategy

I hope you learned about content marketing strategies in this video post. I forgot to mention there is another content marketing strategies webinar on this blog. It's the first link in the article.

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Link Building Strategies | SEO Link Building

Link Building Strategies | SEO Link Building

Link Building Strategies
If you’re reading this link building strategies article and watching the videos below you understand that link building is a smart SEO trick.

A good link building campaign can help you rank higher with the search engines by increasing your link popularity.

The videos below present different link building strategies that you can implement today. Pick one strategy until it’s completed and then start on another one.

It may take a few months but with a plan in place you could be riding high for your keywords.

Using directories and other sources to build links

The first video has a link building strategy that stretches out over several weeks. He begins by using directories and ends with blogs.

Directories are still a great way to get backlinks as long as they have a good Alexa rank and an editorial review board.

Link Building - Internet Marketing Phase #3 - Internet marketing video

Link Building Strategies By Guru Bob - Internet marketing video

Guru Bob will walk you through using Web 2.0 properties to build links to your site and using article marketing.

Article marketing is one of my strategies. I recently submitted an article to the E-zine directory and it’s already been picked up by a few people.

My link is still in place so that’s good SEO link juice for this blog. Article marketing is a good way to get a few hundred backlinks quickly.

Link Building Strategy - Get Right Anchor Text - Internet marketing video

This video talks about getting the right anchor text when building links on other websites. He shows how to make a website rank with keywords just by using anchor text and no on-page optimization.

He also talks about a former president and the anchor text, ‘miserable failure’. A lot of blogs linked to the Whitehouse with that term so that when people typed in miserable failure into Google the Whitehouse would come up on Google.

Link Building with Questions - Internet marketing video

This strategy is pretty cool. He talks about getting backlinks by asking people questions to find linking opportunities.

He also says that we have to train our minds every day to look for potential link building opportunities.

There’s a little trick he mentions to get EDU backlinks and links from non-profit organizations which usually carry a high rank.

Additional resources for link building strategies and Internet marketing videos

The following links provide more information on link buidling and backlinking strategies. A few of the links are to other articles I've read on link building so I consider them very good resources.

- Internal Links | Link Building How To

- How to Cloak Affiliate Links

- 131 (Legitimate) Link Building Strategies

- 101 Ways to Build Link Popularity

- The Professional Guide to Link Building

I hope you learned a few good link building strategies from these videos. I know I did. Part of my SEO link building strategy is to link to pages inside this blog as internal links.

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Tips on Blogging | Blogging Tips and Tricks

Tips on Blogging | Blogging Tips and Tricks

Blogging Tips on Blogger
These videos about tips on blogging ideas came to me after doing keyword research on another topic.

As I was looking at Google’s Keyword Tool when I noticed that people were looking for tips on blogging.

A little further research led me to who my competition is. And they’re the big boys, so part of the reason for this post is to see if I can out rank the big boys, again.

But this time with the keywords tips on blogging. The videos below contain excellent and thought provoking tips on blogging.

Before each video I will write a brief explanation of what’s contained on the video. This way you can skip it if you want to.

So, scroll down and watch the videos for tips on blogging and blogging tips and tricks.

Blogging tip #1 you have to exercise your blog

This blogging tips video is by the Darren Rowse from ProBlogger.com.  He talks about how a blog has to be exercised just like a muscle if it’s going to grow.  We have to post regularly because the more we post the larger our audience will grow.

He says that we have to actually do the activities of a blogger; and one of those activities is creating content for our blogs consistently.

Building Blogs is like Building Muscles - Internet marketing video

Blogging Tips from an Expert Blogger - Social Media/Web 2.0 - Internet marketing video

While every article we post on our blogs has to be different that doesn’t mean that we can’t write about what we know and what we’re passionate about.

We can just find different ways to present an idea and stay on topic. For example, there are many blogs that write about social media, you’ll find 10 articles on social media in one month.

But each article is different. Each article talks about a different aspect of social media and each article contains different statistics or insights.

Blog Tips from the Blog World Expo that was held a few years ago

This video features the 3 pro bloggers:

  • Jeremy Shoemaker
  • Steve Pavlina
  • Andy Wibbels

Jeremy says that we should write content for people and not search engines. I guess SEO optimization is not on Jeremy Shoemaker’s agenda.

In Steve’s blogging tips he mentions when he slept for 20 minutes at a time every few hours as an experiment to see if that would get more readers for his blog. And Andy says to pick one topic and stick with it.

3 Bloggers Share their Blog Tips from Blog World Expo - Internet marketing video

Blogging Tips from a webinar held by Volke

This is a question and answer video where Penelope and Ryan answer questions of webinar participants.

They talk about how bloggers should have an opinion. How we shouldn’t appear to be neutral on a topic we feel strongly about.

They also talk about blog commenting by having something of value to say when leaving a comment on someone else’s blog.

Blogging Tips from Penelope Trunk and Ryan Paugh - Internet marketing video

Blogging Tips From Ed Dale's Home Coming Seminar 2 - Internet marketing video

This is a good video that was recorded outside of a conference room at a blogging seminar.

One of the things that interested me about this video is how they talk about creating and selling blogs on flippa.com. They mention a guy that creates blogs and websites, fills them with content and then sells them on Flippa for $300 each.

That’s probably the best blogging tip of the bunch.

We all need to make money and if you know how to create blogs quickly that’s something you could think about doing.

Additional Blogging tips and Internet marketing videos

The links below lead to more videos and blogging tips such as:

  • getting traffic to your blog
  • how to optimize your blog
  • how to come up with blog content
  • how to come up with blog topics

Some of the links lead to webinars on this blog that I’ve watched and are very good to learn the best blogging practices.

- How to Get Blog Traffic

- Blog Content Coming Up With New Content

- Blog Topics | How to Find the Best | Webinar

- Nine SEO Blogging Tips

- Blogger Help Video Tutorials

- How to Get Traffic to Your Blog Quickly

- How to Get Your Blog Noticed

- How To Properly Optimize Your Blog For Major Search Engines

- Internet Marketing That Can Make Your Blog Useless Video

- How To Use Blogging To Boost Your Business With Internet Marketing

I hope you learned something from these blogging tips and blogging tips and tricks video and article blog post. There are a lot blogging tips that we can follow but we have to choose doing something we feel comfortable doing.

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Video Making Tips | Producing Great Video Content

Video Making Tips | Producing Great Video Content

Video Making Tips
This video on - video making tips and producing great content was created by David Skul the CEO of Relativity.

It’s a short video with about six minutes of play time.
The video is titled Tips for Producing Great Video Content.

I didn’t want to use that name for the title of this blog post so I just switched the words around a little.

There are more videos on the subject - video making tips after the first one.

When we want to make a video one of the first things we should do is organize our thoughts by creating a sticky note outline of what we’re going to present in the video.

One tip for making your video more professionally

For example, if you’re making a video one tip would be to lay out a bunch of sticky notes with each individual note containing one idea that you’re going to present.

After you have all of the sticky notes written with your ideas you can begin placing them in the order in which you want to make your video.

You can then expand on the ideas on each sticky note giving you a more in-depth approach and making your video appear more professional and well thought out.

Tips for Producing Great Video Content - Internet marketing video

Tips & Tricks - How to make a viral video on YouTube - Internet marketing video

In this episode of Mark Apsolon's video tips and tricks he talks about viral videos. He will show you how to create and promote a viral video. I hope you like the twilight zone effect.

Moviemaking Technique: Make Someone Fly in Your Video - Internet marketing video

This video is from the BCC and shows a cool trick to make someone appear as if they’re floating right above the ground.

This is a great tip for making a video that will catch people’s attention and get more eyes on your work.

I hope these video making tips helps you produce great video content. There are more videos on tips for making videos and if this post is successful I may do another one. Please leave a comment and let me know. :-)

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Business to Business Websites | Creating Business Websites

Business to Business Websites | Creating Business Websites

Business to Business Websites Strategy
A lot small companies are planning to create business to business websites in an effort to produce sales and leads because they understand that the Internet can be a major source of growth and revenue for business websites.

The videos and webinars below will cover the topics discussed in this article so that you have a better understanding of what successful business websites look like.

Planning and designing successful business to business websites requires a comprehensive content marketing strategy.

Many business owners are pressed for time and cannot learn how to create a website on their own or the planning that is involved in creating business websites.

That’s a major stumbling block for many entrepreneurs because the skills necessary to create successful business websites are at best, complex.

Business to Business Websites Going Online Daily

B2B Websites
Small business owners are throwing up websites without a strategy and are not acquiring the leads they counted on or even driving traffic to their websites.

Driving traffic should be the first goal of all business to business websites.

There are hundreds if not hundreds of thousands of businesses that offer website creation services for small business websites.

But how do you find the best business websites that offer these services?

How do you go about filtering out the companies that do not have the skills necessary to develop successful business to business websites to help you create an online presence?

There are four key factors to consider when hiring a company for your websites, they are:

There are more details on these topics below and they are covered in the videos as well.

Business to Business Websites Need a Good SEO Strategy

The first step when looking for a business that offers website development services is to look for a company that has an SEO strategy as part of the overall development of business websites.

Both on-page and off-page SEO planning are critical for a website to rank well in the search engine results page.

A good website SEO strategy has the following elements in place.

Business to Business Websites
  • Use the title tag to include keywords
  • Use of H1 and H2 tags with keywords
  • Images with keywords in the title
  • Link building

You will not generate any traffic without having a website that is not well optimized for your keywords.

No matter how well your business to business websites look or how great the content is, people need to be able to find you and your websites.

Business to Business Websites Need a Content Management System

The company that you hire to create your website should also offer to put in place a content management system (CMS).

One that is easy to learn and that you can control as you create content for your business websites. Another alternative is to outsource content management as your website grows.

Social Media Management and Business Websites

A big factor to consider when deciding which company you’ll choose to create your site is a company that offers social media management services and social media reputation management services.

This is the most important part for business to business websites.

Companies that do not offer social media management services should be scratched off your list as this should be a major part of all business websites.

A social media plan may not be something that you’ll need right away but it’s good to know that the company helping you with your websites offers these services.

There are many small business to business websites that are creating a presence on and advertising on Facebook and are doing very well attracting leads and making sales.

Your business websites will not attract leads overnight. It will take a lot of work and perseverance as there is a lot of competition on the Internet.

Successful Business Websites

The websites that are succeeding on the Internet are the websites that have the elements that I mentioned.

You will need the following:

  • A strong SEO strategy
  • A content management system
  • A social media management system
  • A social media reputation management system

The videos below focus specifically on business to business websites and will give you great ideas to help steer your thinking in the right direction when you’re ready to create your websites.

How Search Works Business Websites Best Practices - Internet marketing video

Learn a new definition for spiders and crawling in this in-depth webinar explaining the inner workings of search engines.

Learn why SEO best practices work by understanding how search engines index web pages and use their secret algorithms to determine results.

More importantly, we tie this all back into your business to business websites, and discuss how an understanding of the web and search translates into an effective website for your company.

Presented by Kasi Gajtkowski of Hall Internet Marketing Solutions

How Search Works from Hall Internet Marketing on Vimeo.

Five SEO Mistakes to Avoid - Internet marketing video

Now that you understand the importance of search engine optimization and are implementing a strategy of your own, are you falling into some of the common pitfalls of SEO?

This webinar will identify 5 common SEO mistakes including aspects of keyword strategy, on-page SEO elements, and content optimization - and how to remedy them.

Presented by Kasi Gajtkowski of Hall Internet Marketing Solutions

Five SEO Mistakes to Avoid from Hall Internet Marketing on Vimeo.

What Is a CMS and Do I Need One? – Business to Business Websites Training - Internet marketing video

Using a content management system to maintain your website is becoming a more popular option as more systems enter the market.

Should you continue to send web content updates to your web team or is a CMS right for you? This webinar will explain exactly what a CMS is and the different levels of content management available.

We will also go over the pros and cons of using a CMS so you can determine if one is right for you.

Presented by Alayna White of Hall Internet Marketing Solutions

What Is a CMS and Do I Need One? from Hall Internet Marketing on Vimeo.

Creating a Social Media Plan for Your Business Websites - Internet marketing video

As we have discussed, social media is taking a big role in the research phase of the B2B buying cycle.

Taking a business approach to social media means laying out a plan, objectives and a strategy.

In this webinar we will discuss how to create a social media strategy and make sure your efforts are working for you.

Presented by Amanda O'Brien of Hall Internet Marketing Solutions

Creating a Social Media Plan for Your Business from Hall Internet Marketing on Vimeo.

Business to Business Websites Article Conclusion

I hope you found the information you were looking for.

I started this article by saying that a lot small business are planning to develop business to business websites to produce sales and generate leads because they understand that the Internet can be a big source of new clients for your business websites.

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How to Cloak Affiliate Links

How to Cloak Affiliate Links

Affiliate Link Cloaker
I decided to write this how to cloak affiliate links article after watching the video below on affiliate link cloaking.

There's also a video on how to cloak your ClickBank affiliate links.

There are about 3,000 monthly searches on Google on how to cloak affiliate links so there is an interest in this area.

People want to cloak links for several reasons.

Two of the top reasons are to prevent commission theft and to stop people from bypassing affiliate links by shortening the link and going straight to the website to make the purchase.

Other reasons to cloak affiliate links

If you’re using article marketing as a way to drive traffic to your affiliate links you may want to cloak your links.

This won’t work with all article directories, especially the Ezine articles directory. They've gotten hip to the trick because link cloaking has been around for a long time, at least as far back as I can remember.

Ezine articles will not publish your article if it contains an affiliate link.

HubPages is another article marketing venue that will not allow affiliate links. I have personal experience with HubPages.

They banned this blog because it contained affiliate links and that’s against their policy.

Stop Affiliate Link Theft

I didn’t cloak the affiliate links I just removed them

To get back in good graces with HubPages I had to remove the links. One of them I redirected and I’m still getting traffic to the link.

This was a decision I struggled with for a few days as I was making sales and people were clicking on the links.

But the sales and clicks won’t happen if there is no traffic to your website. And for me, HubPages was a major form of traffic.

At one point I was getting more than 300 visits a week from HubPages. Aside from Google's organic search traffic that was my main source.

How to Cloak Affiliate Links - Internet marketing video

How To Cloak Your ClickBank Affiliate Links

This video shows how to cloak affiliate links a little differently than Liz does. And he shows the code that has to be written.

He focuses just on the ClickBank affiliate links. The way he does it is by removing the hop link at the end of the URL with a redirect.

How To Cloak Your ClickBank ID - HOT - Internet marketing video

Additional Internet marketing videos

The videos below can provide you with more Internet marketing training.  Please don't forget to bookmark this blog as there are a lot of videos and articles that will teach you how to succeed in Internet marketing.

I've collected these videos from YouTube and other video sharing sites and posted them here for my readers.

- Warrior Forum Videos - Free Training

- How to Get Traffic Video Training

- Blogger Help Video Tutorials

- Create and Send eMail Videos Free

- Opt-In eMail Marketing Video Training

- Backlinking Strategies Video

- Optimizing your website video training

- AdSense Video Training

- Get Indexed by Yahoo Quickly Video

- The Ultimate Making Money Online Video Course

- Video Content For Internet Marketing

- How To Write A Press Release Video

I hope you learned how to cloak affiliate links with this video.  Remember that not all article directories will fall for the trick of cloaking affiliate links.  Most of those sites won't ban you outright the first time but if you continue to violate the affiliate links policy they will.  Now click on a link below to share this.

SEO Optimization Tips | Twitter for Link Building

SEO Optimization Tips | Twitter for Link Building

Follow Me for SEO Purposes
I know I just posted an SEO optimization tips article a couple of days ago but I just had to post this article I came across yesterday.

The article and slideshow below talk about using Twitter as a link building tool for SEO optimization. It was written by Dev Basu (his link and bio are below) and named How to Use Twitter for Link Building and Social Signals.

Twitter becomes more and more mainstream, search engines are increasingly indexing its social graph for ranking signals.

In this article, you'll learn five ways to leverage Twitter to rank better in organic search.

SEO Optimization and Twitter Ranking

According to preliminary data from the upcoming 2011 Search Ranking Factors study from SEOmoz, (1) the number of tweets associated with a particular URL and (2) the authority of the Twitter user generating these tweets were amongst the most important social media based ranking factors.

The following are broad metrics that the search engines use to understand the Twitter authority and trust of a given profile:

Overall Authority of Twitter Ranking Signals

  • Diversity of Twitter profiles tweeting a particular URL
  • Quantity of followers, friends, and overall tweets
  • Tweet Engagement, the number of re-tweets, and hashtag responses
  • Topical Relevance of Tweets. Do they contain topically related keywords?
  • Timing of Tweets, as applicable to real time search, for example, "the royal wedding."
  • Page Level Authority, traditional page authority for a particular URL, PageRank, and inbound link popularity.

Now that you have an idea of the factors search engines may take into account when evaluating Twitter links versus links from other sources on the web, it's time to give you actionable tips on using these to your advantage.

SEO Optimization Tips Using Twitter

1. Link to your Twitter profile

Link to your Twitter profile from your website, blog, and by using social media sharing buttons.

While Twitter has a high overall domain authority, your own Twitter profile requires inbound links in the same fashion as your website does to build up authority and trust.

2. Set up different Twitter accounts if you have different business units

Different Twitter accounts are used when your company's employees use their own personal accounts to re-tweet tweets from a company account.

Likewise, if you have different business units, there are opportunities for cross promotion via re-tweeting. This is also a great way to seed overall engagement of your tweet.

3. Use a friendly URL shortener

Twitter's 140 character limit often means that you can't paste full URLs back to your website. Using a friendly URL shortener such as

SEO Tool Box

passes link juice from a tweet back to your website. (This is where the SEO optimization kicks in).

4. Use Klout.com to figure out who you are influenced by

Klout is a service which analyses your influencers and who you influence.

Keeping in mind that Twitter Authority is one of the metrics associated with higher search rankings from social signals, it's important to engage with users who have a higher overall Klout than your profile.

5. Update accounts using RSS feeds of your content

RSS feeds provide an automated way of telling web services when you have new content.

You can create an RSS feed of all the digital assets you have including

  • YouTube videos
  • white papers
  • blog posts
  • press releases
  • and more

and then syndicate these to Twitter.

Dev Basu is the owner of Powered by Search, a Toronto SEO Company and Internet Marketing agency specializing in SEO, Local Search, Paid Search, and Social Media solutions for SMB's and SME's and national enterprise clients. Follow Dev on Twitter for more Local SEO optimization tips and tricks.

Slide Show - How to Use Twitter for Link Building and Social Signals

How to Use Twitter for Link Building and Social Signals - by Dev Basu

Additional link building resources and SEO optimization tips and videos

- How to Optimize Your Website Video Tutorial Series

- Optimize Your Blog

- Backlinking Strategies Video Training | Internet Marketing Tutorials

- Nine SEO Blogging Tips

- Creating Backlinks Quickly

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- How to do SEO for an E-Commerce Site Video

- How Important is SEO

This was a very good article with excellent SEO optimization tips.  I hope that you put these SEO tips to use.  I've already added my Twitter profile on my contact me page and in other places.

Facebook Advertising | Should My Company Advertise on Facebook

Should My Company Be Advertising on Facebook

Facebook Advertising
Facebook ads have been around for a little while now but people are still unsure if they should be including them in their internet marketing strategies.

This webinar will give you an overview of Facebook Ads to help you decide if they are good fit for your business. We will cover:

  • The differences between Facebook Ads and Google Adwords, Google's online advertising platform
  • The pros and cons of using Facebook Ads
  • How to create the ads and target the right demographic

Internet marketing video

Presented by Jenika Scott of Hall Internet Marketing Solutions

Should My Company Be Advertising on Facebook? from Hall Internet Marketing on Vimeo.

Additional Resources on Facebook Articles and Videos

- Facebook Wedding Pages

- Facebook SEO Tips

- Create Facebook Landing Page HTML iFrame Edition

- Build Your Brand with Facebook

- How to Make a Facebook Like Page

- Facebook Nabs Nearly One-Third of Display Ad Market

- How To Attract Fans To Facebook Fan Page

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Email Marketing Campaign

eMail Marketing Campaign

Email Marketing Campaign in Action
This webinar on starting an email marketing campaign is presented by Hall Internet Marketing.

The best thing about starting an email marketing campaign is that people want the company emails they sign up for.

They look forward to them.

The host of the webinar is Amanda O'Brien who is a vice president at Hall.

Email is still the best way to communicate with your customers. It builds trust and adds value to your company by giving customers the information they want. But of course before you begin any email marketing campaign you will need a strategy.

email marketing statistics

Almost everyone that uses the Internet uses email daily. Email marketing allows you to stay in contact with your customers and prospects by sending messages about company products or free promotional material.

Listed below are some email statistics

  • 210 billion emails are sent every day
  • 2 million emails are sent every second
  • 1.3 billion email users
  • 516 million business email inboxes worldwide
  • Email is the number one thing people participate in

Other statistics show that 84% of people enjoyed receiving email from a company when they registered for it, even if they don’t read it right away.

email marketing campaigns and CANSPAM laws

Email Marketing Statistics by Industry
The CANSPAM laws were enacted in 2003 to stop the unsolicited emails filing people’s inboxes.

The word CANSPAM is an acronym for Controlling the Assault of Non-Solicited Pornography and Marketing.

Amanda goes into detail in the webinar below so I won’t write too much about it here except to say that she suggests to do:

  • Put your contact information in the footer of emails
  • Use a current email address you check often
  • Subject lines must be relevant
  • Offer immediate un-subscribe action
  • Build your list organically
  • Have consent to contact people on your list

email marketing campaign – making email marketing work for you - Internet marketing video

The webinar lasts about a half hour. I have another webinar of Amanda's on this blog and it is very popular with my readers.

Making Email Marketing Work For You from Hall Internet Marketing on Vimeo.

Improve your email marketing campaign with effective email subject lines

In this five minute video interview, copywriting and conversion expert Jeff Sexton gives viewers tips on writing email subject lines that get people to click-through on your links.

"Picture your own inbox," says Sexton. "It's full!" Therefore, the #1 job of a subject line is to get recipient to open and read the e-mail message.

Sexton suggests to stay away from trying to "sell" with your subject line, or leading with your price or offer, unless they're absolutely compelling. Rather, use hooks such as:

Email Clients Used by Businesses
  • Encouraging their dreams
  • Allaying their fears
  • Justifying their failures
  • Robert Cialdini's "6 Weapons of Influence":
  • Reciprocation
  • Commitment
  • consistency
  • Social proof,
  • Liking
  • Authority
  • and Scarcity

Sexton suggests testing putting the recipient's name in the subject line, but cautions that it doesn't help these days and takes up needed room in the headline.

Some negatives: Don't be deceptive as people will see right through it.  He also suggests to try to stay away from using the following words that can trigger spam filters:

  • Free
  • New
  • Money

Moreover, the email message must deliver on the subject line's promise.

Testing subject lines can be done by split-testing part of your list, this is possible on email marketing systems such as:

You can also track Twitter 'tweet' click-throughs for different subect lines and compare click-throughs on various headline variations for PPC ads.

Jeff Sexton of JeffSextonWrites.com is a skilled copywriter who has consulted with several Fortune 50 companies, run hundreds of messaging tests, and provides copywriting services to companies large and small. This interview was recorded at Conversion Conference West in San Jose, CA, on May 4, 2010.

Email Marketing Campaign - Effective Email Subject Lines - Internet marketing video

Additional resources for email marketing videos and articles

These additional resources will help you get your email marketing campaign off the ground. It'll take some work and time but it'll be worth the effort.

Every Internet marketer that I've studied has said that the money is in the list. I have found this to be true. When I was a Powerseller on eBay I used email marketing as a way to keep my customer engaged with my store.

Those email campaigns are what helped me reach Powerseller status in under three months.  Please be sure to bookmark this page now so that you can come back to easily.

Click on one of the links below.

- eMail Marketing Strategies | 2 Killer eMail Marketing Tips

- Increase Opt-in eMail List with Audio Interviews

- How to Create and Send eMail Videos Free

- Opt-In eMail Marketing Video Training Series

- Email Marketing - Three Tips for Gaining Excellent Click-Through Rates

- Four Lingering Myths About Video-Email Marketing

- Email Marketing - Five Proven Ways to Increase Email Subscriptions

- Four Ways to Revamp Your Email Marketing Program

I hope these videos on creating an email marketing campaign and writing an email marketing headline where helpful.  Email marketing is still going strong after all these years and it is a great way to reach your internet marketing goals.

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