Tips on Blogging | Blogging Tips and Tricks

Tips on Blogging | Blogging Tips and Tricks

Blogging Tips on Blogger
These videos about tips on blogging ideas came to me after doing keyword research on another topic.

As I was looking at Google’s Keyword Tool when I noticed that people were looking for tips on blogging.

A little further research led me to who my competition is. And they’re the big boys, so part of the reason for this post is to see if I can out rank the big boys, again.

But this time with the keywords tips on blogging. The videos below contain excellent and thought provoking tips on blogging.

Before each video I will write a brief explanation of what’s contained on the video. This way you can skip it if you want to.

So, scroll down and watch the videos for tips on blogging and blogging tips and tricks.

Blogging tip #1 you have to exercise your blog

This blogging tips video is by the Darren Rowse from  He talks about how a blog has to be exercised just like a muscle if it’s going to grow.  We have to post regularly because the more we post the larger our audience will grow.

He says that we have to actually do the activities of a blogger; and one of those activities is creating content for our blogs consistently.

Building Blogs is like Building Muscles - Internet marketing video

Blogging Tips from an Expert Blogger - Social Media/Web 2.0 - Internet marketing video

While every article we post on our blogs has to be different that doesn’t mean that we can’t write about what we know and what we’re passionate about.

We can just find different ways to present an idea and stay on topic. For example, there are many blogs that write about social media, you’ll find 10 articles on social media in one month.

But each article is different. Each article talks about a different aspect of social media and each article contains different statistics or insights.

Blog Tips from the Blog World Expo that was held a few years ago

This video features the 3 pro bloggers:

  • Jeremy Shoemaker
  • Steve Pavlina
  • Andy Wibbels

Jeremy says that we should write content for people and not search engines. I guess SEO optimization is not on Jeremy Shoemaker’s agenda.

In Steve’s blogging tips he mentions when he slept for 20 minutes at a time every few hours as an experiment to see if that would get more readers for his blog. And Andy says to pick one topic and stick with it.

3 Bloggers Share their Blog Tips from Blog World Expo - Internet marketing video

Blogging Tips from a webinar held by Volke

This is a question and answer video where Penelope and Ryan answer questions of webinar participants.

They talk about how bloggers should have an opinion. How we shouldn’t appear to be neutral on a topic we feel strongly about.

They also talk about blog commenting by having something of value to say when leaving a comment on someone else’s blog.

Blogging Tips from Penelope Trunk and Ryan Paugh - Internet marketing video

Blogging Tips From Ed Dale's Home Coming Seminar 2 - Internet marketing video

This is a good video that was recorded outside of a conference room at a blogging seminar.

One of the things that interested me about this video is how they talk about creating and selling blogs on They mention a guy that creates blogs and websites, fills them with content and then sells them on Flippa for $300 each.

That’s probably the best blogging tip of the bunch.

We all need to make money and if you know how to create blogs quickly that’s something you could think about doing.

Additional Blogging tips and Internet marketing videos

The links below lead to more videos and blogging tips such as:

  • getting traffic to your blog
  • how to optimize your blog
  • how to come up with blog content
  • how to come up with blog topics

Some of the links lead to webinars on this blog that I’ve watched and are very good to learn the best blogging practices.

- How to Get Blog Traffic

- Blog Content Coming Up With New Content

- Blog Topics | How to Find the Best | Webinar

- Nine SEO Blogging Tips

- Blogger Help Video Tutorials

- How to Get Traffic to Your Blog Quickly

- How to Get Your Blog Noticed

- How To Properly Optimize Your Blog For Major Search Engines

- Internet Marketing That Can Make Your Blog Useless Video

- How To Use Blogging To Boost Your Business With Internet Marketing

I hope you learned something from these blogging tips and blogging tips and tricks video and article blog post. There are a lot blogging tips that we can follow but we have to choose doing something we feel comfortable doing.

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  1. In order to succeed in blogging you will have to have such skills as writing creative and valuable content, marketing and monetizing a blog.

  2. Monetizing a blog is important too. But after the blog starts getting a lot of traffic.

    Blog that put up AdSense all over the place first won't do very well because people will get angry about all of the ads.

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  4. well said mate. We need to work hard to get top.

  5. Thanks for your comment, wisdom. The key word in work at home is 'work' :-)

  6. Thanks for posting this, I'm new to the web optimization phenomena.

  7. Hey White label, thanks for visiting and commenting. I hope the videos gave you a few ideas.

  8. It's good to know tha blogging is not just an ordinary hobby anymore! It has become an avenue for marketing websites and products. That opens opportunities for writers to earn money by using their skills.

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