Social Media Popular as TV, Movies Lose Appeal: MarketingProfs Article

Social Media Popular as TV, Movies Lose Appeal

Published on June 3, 2011   

In a rapidly changing media landscape, social media has retained its value to consumers as a source of entertainment, whereas television and movies have lost significant share, according to a study by Edelman.

The Internet has maintained its value to consumers as the second-leading source of entertainment in 2011, whereas TV, despite its dominance, and movies have declined, 11 and 22 percentage points, respectively.

Below, additional findings from the study titled "The Value, Engagement and Trust in the Era of Social Entertainment" by Edelman.

Overall, surveyed consumers say they are deriving roughly 68% less value from the entertainment industry as a whole; only 17% say entertainment sources today provide "very good" or "excellent value."

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