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Facebook Like Page

Making a Facebook like page is incredibly easy once you learn how to do it.

By the end of this short blog post you will have access to a free software package that will allow you make Facebook like pages with a few clicks of your mouse.

After you watch the video on this page you will find a link to watch a training video of a software package that will automate creating Facebook like pages (don't worry, it's free stuff but you will have an option to upgrade).

You will know how to make a Facebook like page by the time you go to bed today.

You'll then be able to set the page up on your Facebook account.

My friends Dave Nicholson & John Thornhill have come up with many different products in the past but this one has to be his best yet, it's called 'Like Page Builder'.

I don't normally endorse products on my blog but since Facebook is gaining so much momentum and hundreds of millions of people are now on Facebook, I didn't hesitate to tell people about the free Like Page builder.

How to make a Facebook Like Page - Internet marketing video

Facebook Like page builder software

Like Page Builder is an incredibly simple tool that allows you to create Facebook like pages in a few minutes.

Create Your Facebook Like Page
I have used this software, and I'm going to explain my thoughts on exactly how well this piece of software does what it says it can do.

 Not only do you get to use the software free, you also get the awesome graphics you see in this post to create your Facebook like page.

First, remember that a Facebook like page is exactly like your own mini-website on Facebook where you can promote your website and your products to everyone who ‘likes’ your page.

Already have a Facebook like page?

Those of you out there who have already created a like page online will know that this is a very time consuming task that will give you a headache.

With this piece of software the task of creating a like page can be completed in a fraction of the time and with minimal effort and thinking. If you can click a mouse you can make a like page with this software.

The only thing required is to fill in a few boxes with the information you want to display on your page and click your mouse a few times and, voila! you're done.

It really is as simple as that.

Free training to use the Facebook like page software
Facebook Like Page Graphics
That's not all, you also receive step-by-step video training teaching you exactly how to use the software to its maximum potential.

This means that anyone who can read and write can create their own like page, regardless of their skills on a computer.

This I believe will be a huge help to those wishing to get on Facebook but don’t really have the skills to create a like page on their own.

With this software all of the complicated work is done for you, reducing time and effort needed.  And remember, you get free graphics to create your page.  You get the graphics you see here plus many more.

No other software for Facebook like this on the market

Probably the most impressive thing about this software is that it can be used to do something which NO OTHER software can do.

Click the Like Button on Facebook
It has been cleverly programmed so that as soon as someone hits the ‘Like’ button they are automatically taken to a page of your choice, this could be a page giving away a free gift such as a report.

Why is this so clever? There is no opt-in email box involved!

The gift is received immediately after the person clicks the like button.

All of these benefits from a simple, easy to use piece of software which costs NOTHING AT ALL!

Yes, these guys are actually giving it away for FREE! It appears that Dave and John have once again released something the Internet Marketing world has never before seen but desperately needs.

My recommendation on Facebook like page builder

I wholly endorse this product and for those of you out there who thought you would never be able to create your own Facebook like page, think again.

Just click on the link below to go to a web page that has a video showing you how easy it is to use this software.

After watching the video you will know how to make a Facebook like page.

Click on the link below now to watch the video and get your free graphics.

Click here now to see the video now

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