Link Building Strategies | SEO Link Building

Link Building Strategies | SEO Link Building

Link Building Strategies
If you’re reading this link building strategies article and watching the videos below you understand that link building is a smart SEO trick.

A good link building campaign can help you rank higher with the search engines by increasing your link popularity.

The videos below present different link building strategies that you can implement today. Pick one strategy until it’s completed and then start on another one.

It may take a few months but with a plan in place you could be riding high for your keywords.

Using directories and other sources to build links

The first video has a link building strategy that stretches out over several weeks. He begins by using directories and ends with blogs.

Directories are still a great way to get backlinks as long as they have a good Alexa rank and an editorial review board.

Link Building - Internet Marketing Phase #3 - Internet marketing video

Link Building Strategies By Guru Bob - Internet marketing video

Guru Bob will walk you through using Web 2.0 properties to build links to your site and using article marketing.

Article marketing is one of my strategies. I recently submitted an article to the E-zine directory and it’s already been picked up by a few people.

My link is still in place so that’s good SEO link juice for this blog. Article marketing is a good way to get a few hundred backlinks quickly.

Link Building Strategy - Get Right Anchor Text - Internet marketing video

This video talks about getting the right anchor text when building links on other websites. He shows how to make a website rank with keywords just by using anchor text and no on-page optimization.

He also talks about a former president and the anchor text, ‘miserable failure’. A lot of blogs linked to the Whitehouse with that term so that when people typed in miserable failure into Google the Whitehouse would come up on Google.

Link Building with Questions - Internet marketing video

This strategy is pretty cool. He talks about getting backlinks by asking people questions to find linking opportunities.

He also says that we have to train our minds every day to look for potential link building opportunities.

There’s a little trick he mentions to get EDU backlinks and links from non-profit organizations which usually carry a high rank.

Additional resources for link building strategies and Internet marketing videos

The following links provide more information on link buidling and backlinking strategies. A few of the links are to other articles I've read on link building so I consider them very good resources.

- Internal Links | Link Building How To

- How to Cloak Affiliate Links

- 131 (Legitimate) Link Building Strategies

- 101 Ways to Build Link Popularity

- The Professional Guide to Link Building

I hope you learned a few good link building strategies from these videos. I know I did. Part of my SEO link building strategy is to link to pages inside this blog as internal links.

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