How to Improve Your SEO Website Reviews

How to Improve Your SEO Website Reviews

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This blog post on how to improve your SEO contains videos by industry professionals.

These are very good videos to watch as they review a lot of websites and tell the people what’s wrong with their websites as far as SEO and how to improve their site’s rankings on Google.

There are two videos that were recorded at separate SEO panel review sessions for Affiliate Summit Conferences.

Sites reviewed for SEO by experts in the industry

The panelists on this video are all professionals who give expert advice to website owners. After you’re done here, there are additional Internet marketing videos on this blog that will help you learn more about SEO and backlinking. The speakers on this webinar are:


  • Scott Polk, Senior SEO Analyst, Bruce Clay, Inc. (Moderator)
  • Todd Friesen, Director, SEO, Position Tech
  • Kate Morris, Co-Founding Demon, Marketing Demons
  • Carolyn Shelby, Owner, CShel
  • David Snyder, Co-Founder, Search & Social, LLC

Organic SEO Site Review – Internet marketing video

How to improve your website’s SEO

This video is almost the same as the first one but they go into a little more detail on some the websites and really dig in and tell the site owners what they need to do to rank higher. And as in the first webinar they are all professionals in the industry.


  • Chris Pearson, Overlord, DIYthemes (Twitter @pearsonified) (Moderator)
  • Michael Gray, Owner, Atlas Web Services (Twitter @graywolf)
  • Rae Hoffman-Dolan, Owner, Sugarrae Inc (Twitter @sugarrae)
  • Michael Streko, Owner, Streko Media LLC (Twitter @streko)
  • Frank Watson, Owner, Kangamurra Media

Live Q&A, site audits and suggestions on how to help the internal site structure, as well as ideas how to build a better site for organic rankings.

Internet marketing video on SEO

Re-cap of the how to improve your SEO videos

In these videos you learned about SEO and what needs to done to help a website rank. A few of the main, key points that were discussed was the title tag and alt text for pictures on a website.

If you look throughout this blog and other high ranking blogs you will notice that they use the h1 and h2 tags a lot as these tags tell the search engines exactly what a webpage is about so the search engine knows how to rank the page.

The best kind of traffic you can get for your website is organic traffic because it is free.

How to Improve Your SEO
Someone types something into Google and it returns the sites that it thinks are the most relevant for the search term entered.

Of course you should have good content on your website if you want to maintain your rankings.

If you need help on coming up with blog content use the link to watch a video on that topic.

Additional SEO resources

The links below lead to more videos and articles on this blog and to other blogs that have more information on search engine optimization.

Please bookmark this page so that you can come back to it when you have more time to study. Also please link to this page from your website.

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- The Daily SEO Blog - SEOMoz

- Matt Cutts SEO blog

More details on Affiliate Summit at

I hope that by watching these videos and reading the short text that you now know how to improve your website’s SEO. It’s hard work and takes effort but it’s work it as you’ll be able to rank higher with just the basics.

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  4. Hi Larson, thanks for your comment. You're right in that social media has to be used to gain a readership but it is incredibly time consuming! :-)

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