Warrior Forum Videos - Free Training

Warrior Forum Videos - Free Training

Warriors Rule the Internet
I am writing this blog post about the Warrior Forum and including a link to their free training videos because the forum is an awesome place to be if you're into Internet marketing.

The link for the videos is at the end of this article. :-)

The forum has a lot of traffic. But it's not just the traffic that interests me. It's the knowledge that the Warrior Forum members have.

Warrior Forum came to my rescue

Some of the top members are earning a lot of money online. One of them has more than 500 websites that make about $50 each a month.

Recently I had a problem with this blog. My traffic dropped down from about 700-900 visitors a day to less than 200 a day. That hurt bad.

I felt as if I'd done something wrong. I felt guilty and sad and angry at the same time. Any one who's reading this that also has a website or blog knows how important traffic is to a site's performance as far as making money goes.

My participation in the Warrior Forum

At any rate, I went to the forum and I asked the members for advice. Here is the thread that I used:

My traffic went from 700-900 daily to 120-160 why would that happen?

The response was almost immediate. I received advice from numerous forum members and the advice I received helped bring this blog back to life.

Warrior Forum Logo Square

For more than a week I had no traffic from Google. By that I mean, organic traffic from search results. Google search traffic was my main form of traffic as this blog is only 3 months old.

I don't have a lot of links out there yet to be of any stand alone vaule. I was still getting traffic but from the links I have out there and from blog commenting and social bookmarking but it didn't compare to search traffic.

At one point Google sent 900 visitors to my blog on search traffic alone. And I had rarely dropped below 500 visitors a day. Before I got hit hard by Google.

What did I do wrong?

It turns out I did a lot of things wrong. Listed below are a few of the problems I had:

  • Too many inbound links from bad neighborhoods
  • Too many affiliate links
  • Too much advertising
  • Link building too fast

All of those things played a big part in Google banning this blog from search results. Below is a screen shot of the traffic stats for this blog. Click on the image to enlarge it and then hit the back button to come back here.

Traffic Statistics for How To Internet Marketing Articles and Video Training

Traffic stats analyzed

As you can see, I had been getting a lot of traffic from Google, last month I had more than 10,000 visitors. That's not bad for a new blog.

When I got hit I began getting less and less traffic and I thought it'd go back up but it didn't.

That's when I went to the forum. They told me to:

  • Take down the affiliate links
  • Take down the bad links
  • Look for scrapers

Well I did all of that and then some more. I removed all of the other crapola that was on this blog such as a YouSayToo and a BlogSucess icon and other stuff.

All of that worked. I am now getting search traffic again and I am smiling. If you want to join the Warrior Forum I say go for it. You will learn a lot from the Warriors.

My new motto is: Warriors Rule The Internet!

Warrior Forum Videos - Free Training

The video below is pretty funny so I included it on this post.

Funny Video - Digital Point vs Warrior Forum vs Niche Choppers

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