Video Training - AdSense Crash Course Video Series

AdSense Video Training Crash Course

In this video course you will learn:
  • What can AdSense Do for You
  • Control the ads that appear on your site
  • Allow and block ads
  • How to create custom channels
  • How to create an add unit
  • Advanced AdSense reporting
  • Learn how to navigate the reporting tab
  • And more....

What can AdSense do for you video

Publishers in the UK tell us what they've been able to do as a result of the revenue they've gotten from AdSense. Whatch the video to see what AdSense can do you too.

How to control the ads on your site video

How to block or allow ads on your site video

Watch and learn how to block ads by advertiser URL, category or ad network.

How to use custom channels video

In this video, we'll walk you through how to set up custom channels in the new AdSense interface so you can group units as you choose to test and optimize your AdSense implementation.

How to create an ad unit video

Welcome our video walking your through how to create an ad unit in the new AdSense interface. Learn about our best practices and generate your own!

Advanced AdSense reporting video

Learn how to run an ad sizes report as we demonstrate some of the more advanced features on the Performance reports tab of the new AdSense interface.

AdSense performance reports video

Understanding your eCPM: Part 1 video

This video provides an overview of eCPM (effective cost per thousand impressions), a calculation that reflects earnings. In this video, AdSense Optimization Specialist, MCA, explains the variables that are factored into eCPM and what actions you can take to better understand how your eCPM is determined.

Understanding your eCPM: Part 2 video

This video provides a tutorial on how user behavior impacts eCPM and what tools are available to better analyze traffic pattern and performance on your site.

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