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I’ve noticed that many people are searching the Internet for information on blogging.  Some of the queries are:
  • How to blog
  • Niche blogging
  • How to monetize a blog
And even the very simple one, What is a blog?

Blogging has become widespread and has turned out to be a medium for people to engage on the Internet.

In its simplest form a blog is a tool for people who have something to say and want to engage with other people who feel the same way.

If you like to express yourself and engage others on topics of which you have some knowledge or experience, then blogging can be a wonderful way with which you can interact with people who share similar interests as you. 

Search engines are aware of active blogs.  Particularly blog search engines such as Google Blog Search.

Blogs are updated every time you create a new post so to get onto the top of search engine rankings it is best to post at least several times a week, if not daily. 

WordPress automatically notifies popular Update Services that you've updated your blog by sending an XML-RPC ping each time you create or update a post. 
Blogger also automatically pings your blog after every update.

While it’s smart to use a pinging service you don’t want to overdo it because it will be considered spamming.  It's best to use one service and ping every new blog post.
Ping My Blog
Use RSS For Your Blog

Schedule Time To Post

Create a schedule to post new articles. One blogger I follow explained how she works on Sundays creating posts and then has each one automatically post on a certain day and time.

From my eBay experience I learned that Sundays are when most people jump on their computers to surf, read and shop.

So it’s smart to always post on Sunday to get noticed.

Post your RSS feed to the RSS directories.

This not only helps readers who prefer RSS feeds it also helps you earn money because you can monetize your RSS feed.

I have 13 people subscribed to my RSS feed and it’s growing. People do actually click on those ads. My revenue has increased because of the RSS feeds.

Also, feeds are a great way to increase the distribution and readership of your content.

Always use your spell checker before you post anything anywhere. Not only should you spell check your blog posts but also in the comments that you leave on other blogs.

A well written comment may lead someone to click on your link to read more about you.

If you consistently post good content your readership will materialize over time.


Using Gravatars To Increase Exposure


Linking Strategy

You should also link to relevant blogs and, in turn, they will link to you. Begin by leaving comments on their blogs and if they have a ‘contact me’ form use it to communicate with them and open a dialogue.

Other bloggers enjoy traffic and comments on their blog as much as you do!  Let them know you were there and make a friend.

Lastly, be yourself. You will find people who read your blog and think, “I like this person” and they will follow you and leave comments on your blog and try to help you by telling their friends about your blog.

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Let's grow together,

Ramiro Rodriguez

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  1. I would like to highlight linking strategy. Blog commenting is a powerful tool of increasing your site's traffic. However, numerous canned comments are circling the blogosphere. Personally, I think it is disrespectful to post an unrelated comment just to advertise one's site. Building a good relationship with the author by posting relevant comments can help you establish rapport and who knows you'd come in an agreement to link each other's blogs in each site. In order to avoid comments getting deleted by blog owners, it is important to always provide enlightening comments and steer away from posting disrespectful content on a particular blog or website. It should be noted that it is advisable to avoid using the exclamation mark as well as brief and unclear comments such as “Great job!” when posting a comment.

  2. Hi Larson, thanks for leaving a comment. I appreciate the your effort!

    You're awesome.


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