Opt-In eMail Marketing Video Training Series

Opt-In eMail Marketing Video Training

eMail Marketing Campaigns
These videos will show you how to create an email marketing campaign that will be successful.  One of the presenters is Greg Cangialosi from BlueSkyFactory eMail Marketing.  He was interviewed by Mike Volpe from HubSpot.

You will also learn how to create an opt-in landing page on a free website.

eMail Marketing Basics

This video explains the three elements of a successful email message.
  • Subject line
  • Friendship
  • Making recommendations
The subject line of an email can be considered the same as the subject line of an article.  You don't have much time to grab the reader's attention and compel them to open your email. So subject lines should be well thought out.

You want to appear as a friend to people on your list, or at least someone they can trust.  The easiest way to get people to like you is to give them information for free before you try to sell them anything.

When you're ready to offer a product to a list it should be offered as a recommendation instead of a hard sell. More than a few email marketing professionals suggest this approach.

Internet marketing video


eMail Marketing Free Opt-In Box

This video will show you how to quickly create a free opt-in box using Blinkweb.com. Blinkweb allows you to create free high quality web pages.

Once you join Blinkweb you'll be able to create a squeeze page that will capture your visitor's email which will allow you to begin building your list.  

After this video there is diagram of a squeeze page that will help you better understand how to create a successful page.

Internet marketing video


Sample Squeeze Page

Squeeze Page Sample


eMail Marketing Tips Video

Did you read the post eMail Marketing Three Tips for Gaining Excellent Click Through Rates

There's also the post How to Create Squeeze Pages that has another video on this topic.

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