How to Optimize Your Website Video Tutorial Series

Optimizing your website video training

These videos will show you how easy it is to optimize your website with a few simple steps. To put it in simple terms optimizing your website is letting search engines know exactly what's on your web pages.

Optimizing your website does require extra work but it is not difficult work. It's just time consuming.


Optimizing with the use of key word hot spots  - Internet marketing video #1

Using key words helps your ranking in search engines and could potentially drive massive amounts of traffic to your website.  This video explains where to best place your key words on your web page and domain name.

Optimizing with the use keyword meta tags  - Internet marketing video #2

Key word meta tags let search engines know what key words your website is optimized for.  This video talks about free key word tools and how to use the key word tools to best determine what key words you should include first in your tags.

Optimize your website with a site map  - Internet marketing video #3

Here you will learn the importance of having a site map and how to create one using free tools.  A site map is an index of all of the web pages and links on your website.  To see the sitemap for this blog click here.  Site maps are nothing fancy, although you could make your sitemap page any way you desire.

Optimize your website with meta tags and content  - Internet marketing video #4

This video will show you how to use the free key word research tool SEOBook
to find out what your competitors are doing.  You will also learn the four most important tasks to accomplish when creating your website.

Please leave a comment below and tell me what kinds of videos you want to see.

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