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Create an eBook

How to Create and Sell eBooks

This article will show you how to create eBooks and how to promote and sell eBooks online.

I had an eBay eBook store a few years ago and I did very well rising to the status of PowerSeller in three months.

If you're thinking about doing the same thing I encourage you to get going. It's a viable option for you to make money online. So, let's get started.

Is the thought of selling your own eBook interesting but also overwhelming because you don't know where to start? Here are a few thoughts to get you started.

Researching the target market for your eBook

Research your target market and come up with an idea for a product that helps that market solve a problem.

The first thing is to research a topic where:
  • People are looking for information
  • They are willing to spend money on that information
  • You, personally, are at least moderately interested and knowledgeable about this topic
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The third point is not really needed because of all of the PLR content out there, but it helps to keep you interested and motivated if you're writing about and promoting a topic that you're passionate about.

You can choose to work on something you love or on what is selling right now.

Here are some ideas of hot selling niches that consistently make money.

  • Weight Loss and Dieting
  • Health
  • Fitness and Exercise
  • Looking good
  • Relationships
  • Making Money
  • Saving Money
  • Dog Training is Hot

Purchasing a Domain Name to Promote Your eBook

There are a lot of places on the Internet where you can start a website for free such as - - and

But it is better to have your own domain name because you'll have more control over your pages and website design.

Important things to keep in mind when choosing a domain name are:
  • Make it memorable
  • Make it short
  • Easy to spell
  • Descriptive of your product
  • It should end in a .com
Also, if this is going to be your main site instead of a sales page mini-site, be sure to buy any similar domains in order to protect your brand. You can buy your domain names anywhere, but I recommend:

To view a video on how to register a domain name on click here.

Purchase Hosting. I recommend using 1and1 web hosting because I've never had a problem with any of their services.

Create or purchase an eBook to sell

Don’t know how? Here are some options.

Instead of creating an eBook from scratch you can take a shortcut by buying Resale Rights products and master resale rights products. You can find some here:


Start with PLR content.


Record an interview with an expert, transcribe it and sell it as an audio eBook and a PDF.


Hire a ghostwriter to create a custom product for you.

Sony eBook Reader

eBook graphics and sales page

Order the eBook graphics or create them yourself.

It's incredibely hard and frustrating to create professional looking graphics on your own unless you're familiar with PhotoShop.

To look professional you’ll need, at the least, an eBook cover for your product and at least one banner and button to promote it.

A professional header or mini-site design can also convey a professional image.

Create a sales page. This is a very crucial step. I've had sales pages that looked really bad when I first started. And of course, they didn't sell anything for me.

For best results, unless you have studied copy writing, I suggest that you hire a trained writer to draft the sales page for you. Or you can copy someone else's sales page and change it to make it fit your niche.

You can find skilled writers at or that will write a sales page for you pretty cheap.

Create thank you/download page.

Your download page should contain a few basic pieces:
  • Who you are
  • How to contact you
  • Download instructions
  • Download links
  • Any bonuses they were promised and how to claim them

Collecting payments for your product

There are many payment processors on the Internet. The most popular and trusted processor is

Here are some other options to choose from:
  • Paydotcom
  • E-junkies
  • 1ShoppingCart
  • WAHMCart
If your eBook graphics and sales page have a professional look you'll be able to get affiliates to sell the eBook for you. If done right, this can bring in massive amounts of income for you.

Don't stop promoting your new product. Listed below are a few techniques that will bring traffic to your sales page.

  • Article marketing
  • PPC
  • eZine ads
  • Forum marketing
  • SEO
  • Web 2.0/social networking

You can outsource many of these activities and/or train your affiliates to do them for you!

Whichever you decide to do, just get started. Making money online with eBooks is very "doable". Be patient and persistent and you'll succeed.

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Ramiro Rodriguez

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