Video Marketing Tip One Killer Strategy to Boost Your Reputation

Video Marketing Tip One Killer Strategy to Boost Your Reputation

Lights, Camera, Action!
This video marketing tip will give you instant success with your video marketing efforts.

I know people say that if it sounds too good to be true it probably is, but I promise that after reading this quick article you will have a great idea on how to boost your reputation when you create your next video.

If you’re new to video marketing you’re probably wondering what it’s all about and how to go about creating videos.

This article is beyond the scope of video making and focuses more on a strategy that you can use to become an instant expert on your topic and how to use the strategy to create multiple videos.

There is a video marketing training page on this blog and a blog post about a video marketing webinar that has a few good short videos and a webinar that lasts a little over an hour.

So what’s the tip already! Ok, here’s what you do

You need to know what questions people are asking in your niche. Go to forums, blogs and websites in order to find out what’s on people’s minds. The goal is to find the questions people are asking the most and create a list of the top 10.

Of course, you can just make up your own questions and answer them.

Once you have the ten most asked questions do a little research to come up with the answers to those questions.

Make sure to perform proper research, you don’t want to direct people to websites that no longer exist or to resources that are outdated.

Take Two :-)
Remember that you’re going to come across as an expert so there is a little work involved, but it’ll be worth the effort.

After you have the questions and answers together study them for a day or two so that you know what you’ll be talking about in the video that you’re going to create.

Use the 10 Questions as content for your video

When you’re ready to create your video, ask a friend to interview you on camera, or over the phone. The interview will consist of your friend asking you the 10 questions and you answering them.

Make sure to spend at least 3 minutes answering each question for the reason that you’ll need the extra footage, I’ll explain why in a minute.

If you do this properly you’ll come across as an expert and a trusted authority because you’re the one answering the questions. People will come to see you as someone who knows what they’re talking about since you gave them good information.

Here’s the cool part of the video marketing tip

You’re going to create 10 separate videos out of the long video that you recorded with your friend. You’re going to keep the long video and upload it to YouTube but you’re also going to create 10 short videos.

The way to do it is to create one 2 or 3 minute video for each question that you answered and voila! You now have you now have 11 videos to distribute all over the Internet.

If you upload each video to 20 video sharing sites not only will you get incredible backlinks you’ll also gain more exposure since you’ll be all over the place.  Here's a list of 12 'Do Follow' video sharing sites.

You’ll have more than 200 videos out there for specific keywords and you’ll do very well in the search engines.

Additional video marketing training resources

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I hope this video marketing tip was helpful. Please leave a comment and don’t forget to hit the share buttons. By the way, this video marketing tip was the idea of Tom He’s the real pro!

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