How to Install Twitter's New Follow Button Video Training | Wordpress

This video will show you how to install Twitter's new Follow button on your Wordpress website.

Internet marketing video

Ramiro Rodriguez

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Content Marketing Strategy Video Training | Creating and Re-purposing Content

Content Marketing Strategy Video Training | Creating and Re-purposing Content

Content Marketing Bar Chart

Content marketing is gaining traction as many web masters, businesses and bloggers face the fact that traditional marketing strategies are not as effective as they once were.

The video below will give you some content marketing strategies that you can implement today.

It will also show you successful case studies of companies that have increased revenue by sharing different forms of content for free.

Publishing content online is changing at an incredibly fast pace and businesses that don't keep up will fall behind in their marketing efforts.

Now-a-days publishers have to give away up to 80 percent of their content to keep prospects interested and engaged in their businesses.  The upside is that giving away content actually leads to more sales.

Re-purposing Content

If you're a web master it would be smart to re-purpose content that's already on your website to save you a lot of time and effort.

For example, those old articles on your website can be turned into PDF files and uploaded onto your server.

The Challenges of Content Marketing
Inside the PDF you could place a link back to the original article and homepage.

Allow visitors to your website the option to download the PDFs for free so that they can read offline if they choose.

 I currently create a PDF version of every article I write and upload it to my website.

Even if people don't download the PDF it is still considered content. And it can provide link juice back to any page on your website.

If you've used Google lately you probably realized that it is now offering PDF files in the SERPs as well as video. Which brings me to the next topic.

Using Video As a Content Marketing Strategy

The biggest and most profitable form of content is video. YouTube is the second largest search engine in the world.

YouTube videos receive more than three billion views per day and forty-eight hours worth of video is uploaded onto YouTube every minute.

People are using video to share content and to promote their brands. The most popular form of video is the how-to video.

Videos as a Content Marketing Strategy
Creating how-to videos is the fastest way to engage people. What do you know how to do that is relevant to your website?

What content do you already have that can easily be turned into a video?

You can use slides, pictures or even web page capture screen shots of your website to introduce new visitors to the site by giving them an overview and a how-to-navigate your website tutorial.

Although video is a powerful way to connect with your audience it is not limited to YouTube. You can upload videos to other video sharing sites and gain a larger audience and more visits to your website.

Content Marketing - Internet marketing video

After watching this video you will have a better idea of how to create a content marketing strategy using pictures, videos, articles and other forms of content.

Video source:  How to Build Traffic Backlinks with Content Marketing from Vertical Measures on Vimeo.

Additional resources on content marketing and creating content

The links listed below are for articles and video training webinars on content marketing and other content related topics.

- Blog Content - Coming Up With New Content Video

- Blog Topics How to Find the Best Webinar

- Nine SEO Blogging Tips for Creating Blog Posts

Content Rules by Ann Handley and C.C. Chapman

- How to properly create videos article

- Podcast, Content marketing as the next big thing

7 Tips to Help You Write Like a Pro

These articles and videos are related to content marketing strategies and developing and creating content for you blog and website.

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Mobile - Six Key Questions (and Answers!) About B2B Mobile Marketing : MarketingProfs Article

Published on May 2, 2011    
In this article, you'll learn...
  • Why it's essential for B2B marketers to integrate mobile in the marketing mix
  • Six key answers to B2B mobile marketing questions
  • How B2Bs can best start going mobile

You can't avoid it. Everywhere you turn, everyone is talking about mobile—with the business world abuzz over mobile tools, technologies, and channels.

But even as B2Cs have been diving into mobile at a frenzied pace, B2Bs have been falling behind. 

Whether because they're skeptical, or they're waiting for others to move first or they're paying attention to other media, B2Bs are missing prime opportunities to reach and engage their business audiences by not integrating mobile into the marketing mix.

The Mobile Revolution & B2B (my recently released mobile-marketing guide) lays out the business case for how emerging mobile media can uniquely engage business audiences, not just consumers.

And it outlines a set of recommendations for B2B marketers—chief among them, to elevate mobile to a priority in the marketing mix.

Based on that guide, the following six questions and answers provide B2B mobile insight, examples, and advice.

1. Why is mobile particularly prime for B2B companies and audiences?

Read more: Mobile - Six Key Questions (and Answers!) About B2B Mobile Marketing : MarketingProfs Article

There are also Internet marketing videos on this blog as well as Internet marketing news videos and a video marketing training page.

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How to Get Traffic Video Training Course | Website Traffic Strategies

Get Traffic to Your Website

How to Get Traffic Video Training Course

Getting traffic to your website is frustrating. Watch these videos on traffic getting strategies to give you some very good ideas that you can implement today to help you achieve your goals.

The reason I put this video course together is because I was performing keyword research on the topic when I noticed all of the people searching for the term getting traffic to my website.

And I noticed the competition.

For me, it's challenging to out rank the competition and I smile when I see this blog on Google's first page on different search terms.

But it's hard work getting on the first page. Search engine optimization is one of the key factors in setting yourself apart and ranking well on search results but it is beyond the scope of this blog post.  I don't want to beat a dead horse.

Three Traffic Generating Videos

The first two videos are by a very popular woman named Lisa Irby at

Lisa Talks Traffic Generation
Her idea of getting and sustaining traffic is to set herself apart from everyone else.

Instead of writing about what everyone else is writing about - set yourself apart by doing something a little differently.

For example, what sets this blog apart from other Internet marketing blogs is my massive use of other peoples' videos.

What prompted the idea of using videos to generate traffic was when I began performing research on topics that I wanted to learn.

I figured that instead of going to all the time to watch the videos I could embed them on the blog and stay here and study.

Then I started getting more and more traffic after each video blog post and I figured out that the videos were helping generate most of the new visitors. This blog now has, on average, 600 visitors a day.

Lisa suggests to think about five strategies that you do better than your competition and focus on those to set yourself apart. And that by setting yourself apart, you'll start getting more traffic.

Watch the video to learn how she's generating massive amounts of traffic to her website and YouTube channel.

Internet marketing video

Video #2 from Lisa on where she gets free traffic

This video is about using YouTube to get traffic. YouTube is the second largest search engine and with the right keywords you can generate a good amount of targeted traffic.

Studies show that in less than two years video searches will outrank all other forms of media searches on the Internet. 

It's still important to publish other forms of content such as PDFs, pictures and podcasts but video should be your number one strategy if you want to position yourself now to be ahead of everyone else in a few years.

Internet marketing video

Video #3 Traffic strategies with Gavin Stevenson

How to get free traffic to your website.  In this video Gavin presents a schematic of the traffic tactics he uses. He claims to generate 200 visitors a day from this strategy.

This video has received more than 3,000 YouTube views making it extremely popular. I use about three of the strategies he mentions and I've had good results.

Internet marketing video

Additional Internet marketing training courses

Now click on one of the links below learn more traffic generating strategies.

- How to Optimize Your Website Video Tutorial Series

- Backlinking Strategies Video Training

- How To Write A Press Release Video Tutorial Series

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How to Create and Sell eBooks | Complete Guide Make Money Online

Create an eBook

How to Create and Sell eBooks

This article will show you how to create eBooks and how to promote and sell eBooks online.

I had an eBay eBook store a few years ago and I did very well rising to the status of PowerSeller in three months.

If you're thinking about doing the same thing I encourage you to get going. It's a viable option for you to make money online. So, let's get started.

Is the thought of selling your own eBook interesting but also overwhelming because you don't know where to start? Here are a few thoughts to get you started.

Researching the target market for your eBook

Research your target market and come up with an idea for a product that helps that market solve a problem.

The first thing is to research a topic where:
  • People are looking for information
  • They are willing to spend money on that information
  • You, personally, are at least moderately interested and knowledgeable about this topic
Resale Rights eBooks
The third point is not really needed because of all of the PLR content out there, but it helps to keep you interested and motivated if you're writing about and promoting a topic that you're passionate about.

You can choose to work on something you love or on what is selling right now.

Here are some ideas of hot selling niches that consistently make money.

  • Weight Loss and Dieting
  • Health
  • Fitness and Exercise
  • Looking good
  • Relationships
  • Making Money
  • Saving Money
  • Dog Training is Hot

Purchasing a Domain Name to Promote Your eBook

There are a lot of places on the Internet where you can start a website for free such as - - and

But it is better to have your own domain name because you'll have more control over your pages and website design.

Important things to keep in mind when choosing a domain name are:
  • Make it memorable
  • Make it short
  • Easy to spell
  • Descriptive of your product
  • It should end in a .com
Also, if this is going to be your main site instead of a sales page mini-site, be sure to buy any similar domains in order to protect your brand. You can buy your domain names anywhere, but I recommend:

To view a video on how to register a domain name on click here.

Purchase Hosting. I recommend using 1and1 web hosting because I've never had a problem with any of their services.

Create or purchase an eBook to sell

Don’t know how? Here are some options.

Instead of creating an eBook from scratch you can take a shortcut by buying Resale Rights products and master resale rights products. You can find some here:


Start with PLR content.


Record an interview with an expert, transcribe it and sell it as an audio eBook and a PDF.


Hire a ghostwriter to create a custom product for you.

Sony eBook Reader

eBook graphics and sales page

Order the eBook graphics or create them yourself.

It's incredibely hard and frustrating to create professional looking graphics on your own unless you're familiar with PhotoShop.

To look professional you’ll need, at the least, an eBook cover for your product and at least one banner and button to promote it.

A professional header or mini-site design can also convey a professional image.

Create a sales page. This is a very crucial step. I've had sales pages that looked really bad when I first started. And of course, they didn't sell anything for me.

For best results, unless you have studied copy writing, I suggest that you hire a trained writer to draft the sales page for you. Or you can copy someone else's sales page and change it to make it fit your niche.

You can find skilled writers at or that will write a sales page for you pretty cheap.

Create thank you/download page.

Your download page should contain a few basic pieces:
  • Who you are
  • How to contact you
  • Download instructions
  • Download links
  • Any bonuses they were promised and how to claim them

Collecting payments for your product

There are many payment processors on the Internet. The most popular and trusted processor is

Here are some other options to choose from:
  • Paydotcom
  • E-junkies
  • 1ShoppingCart
  • WAHMCart
If your eBook graphics and sales page have a professional look you'll be able to get affiliates to sell the eBook for you. If done right, this can bring in massive amounts of income for you.

Don't stop promoting your new product. Listed below are a few techniques that will bring traffic to your sales page.

  • Article marketing
  • PPC
  • eZine ads
  • Forum marketing
  • SEO
  • Web 2.0/social networking

You can outsource many of these activities and/or train your affiliates to do them for you!

Whichever you decide to do, just get started. Making money online with eBooks is very "doable". Be patient and persistent and you'll succeed.

You may also be interested the following video training and articles:

- Video training, opt-in eMail marketing

- Video training, how to make money online

- How to use PLR content

- Video training, how to write sales page copy

Ramiro Rodriguez

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Video Interview - How Social Media Is Impacting Search | Rand Fishkin

Video Interview - How Social Media Is Impacting Search | Rand Fishkin

Social Media is Affecting Search Results

This social media video interview with Rand Fishkin was published at

Rand Fishkin joins us for another exciting episode of Inbound Now, HubSpot's social media and inbound marketing Podcast!

Rand is CEO and co-founder of SEOmoz, co-author of The Art of SEO, and the go-to guy in the SEO industry.  

In this episode, we chat about:
  • How social media is impacting search
  • Google +1 Button vs. Facebook "Likes"
  • Where to start with link building
  • Getting bloggers to link to you
  • How to go about guest blogging
  • Earning links, the right way
  • What you really need to know about the Panda update
  • Search verticals business-to-business companies should focus on
  • Tips for hiring an SEO consultant/agency
  • Leveraging user-generated content with YOUmoz
  • The future of where SEO is heading

Additional Social Media Videos and Articles

You may also be interested in the following videos and articles, please click on the article link:

Video Training - Social Media Success In 4 Steps

The Convergence of Search and Social Media

10 Tips for Social Medial Contests and Promotions w/video

Google's New +1 Button Social Media and Internet Marketing

Ramiro Rodriguez

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How to Get Your Site Indexed By Yahoo | Video Training SEO Tips

Index Your Site on Yahoo!

How to Get Your Site Indexed By Yahoo, Video Training SEO Tips

Getting indexed in Yahoo has become very difficult in the last few months. The indexing robot, Yahoo!Slurp, has become erratic.

For some sites, the robot will view all pages, but only add a few to the Yahoo database. For other sites, sub-domain listings actually start disappearing! So, what’s the secret to getting indexed?

After reading this article you will find a video that will show you how to accomplish this taks in a few minutes.  As a bonus you'll also learn how to do the same thing for MSN using your Hotmail account.

The training video is only a few minutes long and the search engine optimization strategy that you will learn and implement will have a positive impact in your overall SEO campaigns.

You will also find more links and video training on SEO at the end of the video. 

Pleasing Yahoo!Slurp

The secret to getting indexed in Yahoo involves constant updates to your site.

The updates, however, have to be done on both the site and through Real Simple Syndication (RSS) feeds. Here’s how you go about getting indexed.

Yahoo Logo Oval
The first step is to start a blog for your site. You can build a blog on your site or use a free service.

I prefer because it is easy to use, but you can use whatever you like. Once you have your blog up, you should make entries that correspond and link to content on your site.

For example, I will post this article on my blog, Moshing Search Engines, and link it to the article page on

To supercharge the impact of the blog, you should also link to a site map on your site.

Using a site map to improve SEO and get indexed

If you don’t have a site map, make one in HTML. The Yahoo robot will definitely follow it and index the pages. Don’t rely on the xml site map strategy Google is promoting.

Once you have the blog up with content posted, you must turn the blog into a real simple syndication feed.

Again, you can use your own system. I prefer to use a free service because I really don’t have the time to waste on such things.

Site Map Graphic seems to work fine and is simple to use. Opening an account with Feedburner is so easy, I am not even going to explain it.

At the end of the process, feedburner will kick out the link for your RSS feed. Here’s where the magic begins.

Open a Yahoo mail account

If you have a yahoo email account, you need to access you’re My Yahoo page. If you don’t have an account, get one! Once you are on the My Yahoo page, do the following:

  • Click the “add content” link in the upper left hand under the search box.
  • When the new page opens, click the “Add RSS by URL” link on the right of the “Find Content” search box in the upper section of the page.
  • Enter the exact link provided by Feedburner and click “add.” Do NOT add the url for your blog.
  • Click the “My Yahoo” tab at the top of the page and refresh the page.

At this point, you should see your feed at the bottom of the page. If you don’t, be patient. Yahoo is sometimes slow, so just try it again in an hour or so.

When the feed is added, you should see the name of your blog and the title of each post under it.

Drive Traffic with RSS Technology
Yahoo can take up to a day to add new posts, so don’t panic if they don’t show up immediately.

Once you’ve completed the above, Yahoo will follow the links in the blog and index the pages on your site.

If one of the links goes to a site map, you are in business. As an added bonus, Google will do the same thing. Let’s look at an example.

We are currently building, which has been up for about a month. Roughly 10 to 20 pages are being added each day.

Nomad Rick’s Ramblings is the blog for the site and the feed is included on four “My Yahoo” pages for various email accounts. Yahoo has indexed 95 pages and is about four days behind the page additions.

Google has indexed 151 pages and is adding to the index every day. The blog and RSS feed are solely responsible for getting these pages indexed this quickly.

Depending on the size of your site, the process can take a few days or a couple of weeks.

Every time you add new content, slap it into your blog with links. In no time, you will be taming Yahoo!Slurp.

Training How To Get Your Blog Indexed By Yahoo And MSN For Better SEO - Internet marketing video

This video will show you how to quickly create your feed and have it on Yahoo and MSN in a matter of minutes.

You can begin the process today.

Additional search engine optimization video training tips

How to Optimize Your Website Video Tutorial

Backlinking Strategies Video Training SEO

Article Source Marketing Titan

Ramiro Rodriguez

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Blogger Help Video Tutorials Series 1

Blogger Help Video Tutorials

These Blogger Help training videos are very popular on YouTube  in the BloggerHelp Channel and I thought I'd install them here
Blogger Icon Orange
so that it will be easier for you to study.

These videos will teach you everything you need to know about your blog.  The videos are under a few minutes each with clear and easy to understand instructions.

You'll be able to work with gadgets easily and you'll learn how to install almost anything you'd want to install on your blog.

In this video series you can learn:
  1. How to add a YouTube video to your blog
  2. Uploading a custom header image for your blog
  3. How to enable blogger in draft for testing beta features
  4. Adding a transparent navbar to your blog
  5. How to add a static page
  6. How to change to a three column layout

How to add a YouTube video to your blog

How to upload a custom header image for your blog

How to enable Blogger in draft for testing beta features video

How to add a transparent navbar to your blog video

Updating your blog to a three-column layout

Adding a static page to your blog video

I'll be adding more videos on a separate post.  In the mean time for more videos please go to the BloggerHelp Channel.

Ramiro Rodriguez

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How to Create eMail Videos Free | Send Free Video eMails No Software

How to Create and Send eMail Videos Free

It is easy to create and send video emails. This first video will show you how to send an email video using the iWowWe video email sharing website.

You don't need to install software on your computer.  Everything is accomplished on the website.

iWowWe is incredibly easy to use.  When I sent my first video email I was able to accomplish the task in about 10 minutes.  Once you get used to the system and begin sending video emails regularly you'll be able to create them in minutes.

Below is a screen shot of the iWowWe home page and then the training video. Video eMail Screenshot

How to send YouTube videos directly within Gmail

This video tutorial will show you how to send video emails from your Gmail account. If you don't have a Gmail account it's easy to get one by just signing up at

Below is a screen shot of the features of Gmail and then the video tutorial that will show you how to send the video emails.

Use Gmail to Send Free Video

Sending and creating video emails with

This video will show you how to send video emails with I haven't tried this one so I can't recommend it but it is very easy to use as seen in the video be below. Video eMails

You may also be interested in these other video tutorials.  Just click on one of the links below:

Additional eMail Marketing Video Training

Opt-In eMail Marketing Video Training Series

How To Create Squeeze Pages

Video How to Make Money Online Training Series

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How to Increase Your Online Profits | Make Money Online

Increase Profits Online

How to Increase Online Profits

Everyone wants to increase online profits and make more money. Increasing your profits is the focus of what you want.

This can seem a bit overwhelming, as there are many ways to increase online profits, and a lot of people will tell you a lot of different ways to make money.

Stay Focused to Increase Profits

The most important thing is to stay focused.

Don’t jump from one idea to the next without following through with them. As you go through different steps you will see what works for you.

If you jump from one to the other without seeing if it succeeds or fails, you are bound to stand at a stalemate.

Be committed to what you are doing. Running a business involves work and needs to be treated as so.

If you are going to be lackadaisical about your efforts, there is little chance you will see any results, and you will most likely end up frustrated and quitting.

Online Money Making Strategies

Implement these strategies and follow through:

Profit Making Tip #1

Offer Time-Sensitive Discounts.
Profiting Online Tips

When your prospects see that they have a chance of getting a good deal, that’s the first step to grabbing their attention.

Offering discounts on products you are promoting is a great way to drive extra customers your way.

This is easily accomplished by simply talking to the product owner of whatever it is you are an affiliate for.

Every owner has discounts available; and if they don’t, it’s very easy for them to create one.

Add your own bonuses and create a deadline for the special offer, and you will see your sales skyrocketing.

If you are already driving decent traffic and giving good business to the product owners, they will have no problem creating a coupon code or special bargain exclusive for your prospects.

Profit Making Tip #2

Use Social Networks.

Taking advantage of social networks is a highly effective and yet somewhat untapped way of getting exposure. Sites like Facebook, Myspace and YouTube have taken the internet world by storm.

They allow you to really connect with your audience and get direct feedback on what’s working, what’s not working, and what they want.

By consistently updating the public about what’s going on inside your business – any changes, news, and any new product or service offers – you will instill a lot of trust and reliability in your company.

Profit Making Tip #3


Making Money Online
If you are already doing well with one or two products, then why not go for number three and four?

A lot of people stay focused on promoting one product and one product only.

Now this is good, at first; but after you’ve accomplished this and you know the steps to gain income from a product, you need to expand your horizons.

In the same respect, you do not want to get too carried away and start promoting too many products.

This can cause confusion and you may end up leaving some of your projects unattended for a while.

Profit Making Tip #4

Build A List.

Once you are driving good traffic to your sites and you have been cashing in on commissions or steady payments (if you’re promoting your own product), you need to focus on gathering contact information from your customers.

Instead of selling this one person on one product one time, you can capture their name and email, and then market other good products and opportunities to them.

Offer a free quality report in exchange for giving their name and email, and then you can direct them to the product’s page right after.

Profit Making Tip #5

Advertise Yourself Aggressively.

If you haven’t noticed, there are ads everywhere on the internet. Well all of these ads come back to someone or some company who started an advertising campaign.

Taking advantage of Google Adwords and Yahoo Ads can give an incredible boost to your profits.
Taking Money Home

There are quite a few places you can set up accounts and start campaigns, so research them, and make sure to find the one that is right for you and your needs.

It’s easy to start an advertising campaign that you pay per click.

This is a small amount (usually measured in cents) of money that you pay each time someone clicks on your ad and visits your site.

After doing some good research, you can see what should be in your ad to grab people’s attention and drive them to you.

Using these strategies can drastically improve your profits. You need to stick with them and follow through.

Do not jump around and try every possible technique to increasing profits, or you will end up not doing any of them very well. Stay focused and keep moving forward, so you can increase your profits in a short amount of time.

Keeping everything together and organized is a great way to stay on top of what you’re doing.

Write down what you need to do, like a check list, and follow through with it. You must stay on track and continue on with what you’re doing until it either succeeds or fails.

This article was published by Jeremy Gisalson at Internet marketing strategic tips.

Did you see the post Video How to Make Money Online Training Series

There is also the article How to Use Clickbank to Make Money Online

Ramiro Rodriguez

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Opt-In eMail Marketing Video Training Series

Opt-In eMail Marketing Video Training

eMail Marketing Campaigns
These videos will show you how to create an email marketing campaign that will be successful.  One of the presenters is Greg Cangialosi from BlueSkyFactory eMail Marketing.  He was interviewed by Mike Volpe from HubSpot.

You will also learn how to create an opt-in landing page on a free website.

eMail Marketing Basics

This video explains the three elements of a successful email message.
  • Subject line
  • Friendship
  • Making recommendations
The subject line of an email can be considered the same as the subject line of an article.  You don't have much time to grab the reader's attention and compel them to open your email. So subject lines should be well thought out.

You want to appear as a friend to people on your list, or at least someone they can trust.  The easiest way to get people to like you is to give them information for free before you try to sell them anything.

When you're ready to offer a product to a list it should be offered as a recommendation instead of a hard sell. More than a few email marketing professionals suggest this approach.

Internet marketing video


eMail Marketing Free Opt-In Box

This video will show you how to quickly create a free opt-in box using Blinkweb allows you to create free high quality web pages.

Once you join Blinkweb you'll be able to create a squeeze page that will capture your visitor's email which will allow you to begin building your list.  

After this video there is diagram of a squeeze page that will help you better understand how to create a successful page.

Internet marketing video


Sample Squeeze Page

Squeeze Page Sample


eMail Marketing Tips Video

Did you read the post eMail Marketing Three Tips for Gaining Excellent Click Through Rates

There's also the post How to Create Squeeze Pages that has another video on this topic.

Ramiro Rodriguez

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Backlinking Strategies Video Training | Internet Marketing Tutorials

Backlinking Strategies Video Training

Backlinking Strategies

There are two videos in this series about backlinking strategies.  These are incredibly powerful techniques to gain backlinks quickly.

The first video talks about creating backlinks using PDF files and the second video will show you how to get powerful EDU and .gov backlinks.

There's some grunge work involved because you will have to visit each website to register in order to leave the backlink.  It's time consuming  but it is worth the effort.

Creating a Backlinking Strategy with PDF Documents  - Internet marketing video

This video will show you an incredible way to create backlinks to your own site by creating PDF documents of your articles and posting them on the Internet.

This is an incredibly smart idea as is now serving up PDF documents in it's search results and it's even giving the option for the searcher to show only PDFs in the SERPs.

Take your backlinking strategy to a new level by watching this video and implementing the ideas.

Creating Backlinks with EDU and .gov Websites  - Internet marketing video

This video will show you how to get the powerful government and educational website backlinks by registering in government forums and creating a signature and then leaving a comment on one of the forum posts, or several if you want.

The more forums you register with and the more comments you leave the more backlinks you'll create.

My plan is to do at least one every couple of days because it is time consuming and I have other search engine optimization strategies in place that have allowed me to rank on Google's first page for several key words.

Additional resources on backlinking strategies

The articles listed below are on this blog so you don't have to go far! Please bookmark this page so that you can come back to watch more videos.

If you have any questions you can find my email address on the contact me page.

- Creating Backlinks Quickly

- SEO Tools Link Building

- How to Optimize Your Site

- How to Optimize Your Website Video Tutorial Series

- How Important Is SEO For Internet Marketing

- How to Do SEO for E-Commerce Site Video

The idea for this video training post on backlinking came from BlogTacts post Creating PDF files for Traffic.

Please be a friend and leave a comment below and tell me what kinds of videos you want to see related to Internet marketing. 

I hope you learned a lot from these videos about backlinking strategies. These are incredibly powerful techniques to gain backlinks quickly.

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Strategy - The Convergence of Search and Social Media : MarketingProfs Article

The Convergence of Search and Social Media

Published on May 23, 2011

In this article, you'll learn...
  • How search and social media have become interdependent marketing channels
  • Steps on how search can drive social media, and vice versa

Over the past couple of years, social media has become the hottest buzzword in digital marketing.

The emergence of Facebook as the top medium for connecting with friends online, and Twitter for microblogging, has caused marketers to descend upon social media websites in hopes of reaching their target audiences as cost-effectively as possible.

The rise of the social medium has affected a lot of marketing fields, especially public relations and search marketing.

In fact, a whole lot of search engine optimization (SEO) agencies are now offering social media services.

Search Meets Social Media

Search and social media have become closer siblings in recent years. Ten years ago, SEO professionals would say organic rankings were all about optimizing page-level elements, such as title tags and on-page copy.

Five years ago, SEO strategists were probably harping on the importance of inbound links pointing to your website.

Those things are still important today, but getting real SEO results these days requires not only a technically optimized website and relevant inbound links but also a strong, vibrant Web presence that supports your overall brand.

Which is where social media comes in.

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How to Make More Money with AdSense | AdSense Video Training

AdSense Video Training How to Make More Money with AdSense

Making Money with Adsense


Six Part Video Series on Making More Money with AdSense

These videos will explain how to increase AdSense revenue on your website by implementing a few quick strategies. Most of the videos are under two minutes and professionally created by a Google team member. By watching these videos you will learn:
  • How to opt-in to Placement Targeting
  • How to increase ad units per page
  • How to opt-in to allow image and text advertising
  • Where to better place an AdSense for Search box
  • How to increase revenue by optimizing more content
  • High Performance Units


Opt-in to Placement Targeting  - Internet marketing video

Learn how to increase your ad revenue by choosing to let advertiser decide where to place ads on your site by relevancy. These Opt-in placements generally earn more money for web sites.


Use Link Units on Pages with 3 AdSense for Content Units - Internet marketing video

As AdSense publishers we're allowed to place three AdSense units on each page of our websites.

Using the AdSense for Content units let's us get around this by allowing us to place three additional revenue resources on our pages.

That's six different ways to make money with AdSense.


Opt-in to Text & Image Ads Video - Internet marketing video

Boost your revenues by allowing both text and image ads to appear on your site. When you have both text and image ads you boost the number of advertisers that want to advertise on your site.


Optimize Search Box Placement  - Internet marketing video

Place a Google AdSense search box on your website to increase revenue. Learn where to place the search box for optimum performance.

Watch these quick tips and case study.


Monetize More Content  - Internet marketing video

Increase revenue by monetizing every available page of your website. Learn how you can earn more AdSense revenue and boost your eCPM by adding ad units, link units, or search boxes on content pages that don't yet have any.


Upgrade to High-Performing Units  - Internet marketing video

Learn how you can earn more AdSense revenue and boost your eCPM by upgrading to high-performing units which let advertisers bid on your website.

And of course, if advertisers are bidding to place ads on your website you'll make more money in the long term.

Thanks to all of you for watching these videos! Please be a friend and leave a comment below to let me know what kind of videos you want to view on this blog.

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There's also the Article - AdSense Alternatives which lists other companies that have monetizing programs for publisers.

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How to Optimize Your Website Video Tutorial Series

Optimizing your website video training

These videos will show you how easy it is to optimize your website with a few simple steps. To put it in simple terms optimizing your website is letting search engines know exactly what's on your web pages.

Optimizing your website does require extra work but it is not difficult work. It's just time consuming.


Optimizing with the use of key word hot spots  - Internet marketing video #1

Using key words helps your ranking in search engines and could potentially drive massive amounts of traffic to your website.  This video explains where to best place your key words on your web page and domain name.

Optimizing with the use keyword meta tags  - Internet marketing video #2

Key word meta tags let search engines know what key words your website is optimized for.  This video talks about free key word tools and how to use the key word tools to best determine what key words you should include first in your tags.

Optimize your website with a site map  - Internet marketing video #3

Here you will learn the importance of having a site map and how to create one using free tools.  A site map is an index of all of the web pages and links on your website.  To see the sitemap for this blog click here.  Site maps are nothing fancy, although you could make your sitemap page any way you desire.

Optimize your website with meta tags and content  - Internet marketing video #4

This video will show you how to use the free key word research tool SEOBook
to find out what your competitors are doing.  You will also learn the four most important tasks to accomplish when creating your website.

Please leave a comment below and tell me what kinds of videos you want to see.

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