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Creating Videos

One of the coolest things about having the Internet as a marketing tool is being able to have thousands of people see a video of you!

For me, this has proven to be one of the most effective strategies in my business.

Videos set you apart from others and is probably the best way for your customers to get a feel for who you are.

A video also gets your message across much more effectively than if someone were just reading your content.

They can see your body language, your visual aids, your voice inflection, and your facial expressions.

This makes what you're trying to say stick in their head a lot longer than if they just read about it.

Here are a few tips for making effective videos:

Proper Lighting for Videos

1. Make sure the lighting is good. It is very distracting when someone makes a video and you can't see their face very well.

Test to see how the lighting is before you make the perfect video and then have to redo it! Have the light on your face, not behind you. I also prefer natural light because I think it just looks better.

Add Text to Videos

2. Add text to your videos. I like this because it helps highlight the important points and your prospects will remember what you want them to.

Or while you're talking write down on a whiteboard what you're talking about because visual aids are amazing. Lots of people say they are impressed with my videos (even though I make them by putting the camera on my
Creating Videos Properly

You can do this with any movie editor, I use the free Windows Live Movie Maker and they make it easy to add moving text.

I also highly recommend adding a title page and comments page to your video along with transitions in between. This makes your videos look more professional and you can add your contact info at the end!


Plan Ahead

3. Take the time to plan it out. Map out what you want to say, or you'll end up repeating yourself and not saying much of value. You also don't want to stumble over your words because that just looks bad haha!

Using Keywords

4. Use your keyword in the title! Google will find it faster and rank you higher if you do this. Plus put a link in the description that takes the person back to
some form of content like a blog post that has to do with what you're talking about.

What Not To Do When Creating a Video

5. Don't film it in your car! I find this unbelievably annoying when people make videos while driving somewhere.

They can't keep eye contact with the camera, the camera is shaking like crazy, and it gives the impression that they don't want to take the time to make a real video.

I can't stand it! Plus they'll probably make it illegal at some point like texting
Short and Sweet Videos

Sometimes it might have something to do with what your video is about, like commuting or something. And if you just want to show your car off, uh the outside is probably much cooler to look at.

Act Natural

6. Pretend like your talking to a friend. This works for your script because you should talk to your prospects like friends.

It will also help you with your composure. Many people get nervous in front of a camera, so just pretend like you're talking to your best friend!

Be Succinct

7. Keep it short and sweet! Unless you are fantastically amazing at keeping people's attention, your videos should be no longer than 5 minutes.

Remember this is the ADD generation and we get bored very fast and easily.

Adding a Call To Action

8. Make a clear call to action! If you are making a video that has to do with promoting a product, then you better be telling people what they need to do.

Don't just talk about the product and say thanks for listening. Tell them to click on the link and take a closer look.

People need to be told what to do! (Those aren't exactly the people you want on your team, but they are the ones you want to make a commission off of.

Generating Leads

9. One good way to generate leads with your video that many overlook is to post your video on YouTube and then use an article submitter to send backlinks to your video!

Videos, especially on YouTube, tend to rank well on Google, but they also have the tendency to lose their ranking very quickly.

Solve this by writing an article about your video, and then send it out with your article submitter! Obviously there are a million ways to get leads with videos, but I feel that many people don't take advantage of that one.

I love having my own videos on all my capture pages, because my prospects get to know me better.

When I call them, without fail, they already know who I am! I never have to explain why I'm calling them or explain to them my credentials. Use these tips to make better videos, and in the process, get better leads as well.

This post was written by Erin Smith.

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  1. Thanks for sharing your brilliant ideas on how to create videos properly. In today’s marketing environment, there are many forms of content, one of which of course is text. But, as businesses are trying to find newer and more modern ways to bring in clients, we are left with a whole set of choices when it comes to content. One of the most famous ones that has in recent years become so popular is video. Video marketing has become a very important part of an effective marketing campaign due to one simple fact – people love video. They just do. The right video at the right time can push our brand to viral status. One share can introduce our brand and making it a viral. As a brand marketer, make sure we’re staying on top of the trends and that we are creating content that positively push the buttons of our target audience. As video marketers, create videos that are short and personable, and tell a story.

    Michael Talburt @ Whitehat SEO


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