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AdSense Video Training How to Make More Money with AdSense

Making Money with Adsense


Six Part Video Series on Making More Money with AdSense

These videos will explain how to increase AdSense revenue on your website by implementing a few quick strategies. Most of the videos are under two minutes and professionally created by a Google team member. By watching these videos you will learn:
  • How to opt-in to Placement Targeting
  • How to increase ad units per page
  • How to opt-in to allow image and text advertising
  • Where to better place an AdSense for Search box
  • How to increase revenue by optimizing more content
  • High Performance Units


Opt-in to Placement Targeting  - Internet marketing video

Learn how to increase your ad revenue by choosing to let advertiser decide where to place ads on your site by relevancy. These Opt-in placements generally earn more money for web sites.


Use Link Units on Pages with 3 AdSense for Content Units - Internet marketing video

As AdSense publishers we're allowed to place three AdSense units on each page of our websites.

Using the AdSense for Content units let's us get around this by allowing us to place three additional revenue resources on our pages.

That's six different ways to make money with AdSense.


Opt-in to Text & Image Ads Video - Internet marketing video

Boost your revenues by allowing both text and image ads to appear on your site. When you have both text and image ads you boost the number of advertisers that want to advertise on your site.


Optimize Search Box Placement  - Internet marketing video

Place a Google AdSense search box on your website to increase revenue. Learn where to place the search box for optimum performance.

Watch these quick tips and case study.


Monetize More Content  - Internet marketing video

Increase revenue by monetizing every available page of your website. Learn how you can earn more AdSense revenue and boost your eCPM by adding ad units, link units, or search boxes on content pages that don't yet have any.


Upgrade to High-Performing Units  - Internet marketing video

Learn how you can earn more AdSense revenue and boost your eCPM by upgrading to high-performing units which let advertisers bid on your website.

And of course, if advertisers are bidding to place ads on your website you'll make more money in the long term.

Thanks to all of you for watching these videos! Please be a friend and leave a comment below to let me know what kind of videos you want to view on this blog.

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There's also the Article - AdSense Alternatives which lists other companies that have monetizing programs for publisers.

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