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The Convergence of Search and Social Media

Published on May 23, 2011

In this article, you'll learn...
  • How search and social media have become interdependent marketing channels
  • Steps on how search can drive social media, and vice versa

Over the past couple of years, social media has become the hottest buzzword in digital marketing.

The emergence of Facebook as the top medium for connecting with friends online, and Twitter for microblogging, has caused marketers to descend upon social media websites in hopes of reaching their target audiences as cost-effectively as possible.

The rise of the social medium has affected a lot of marketing fields, especially public relations and search marketing.

In fact, a whole lot of search engine optimization (SEO) agencies are now offering social media services.

Search Meets Social Media

Search and social media have become closer siblings in recent years. Ten years ago, SEO professionals would say organic rankings were all about optimizing page-level elements, such as title tags and on-page copy.

Five years ago, SEO strategists were probably harping on the importance of inbound links pointing to your website.

Those things are still important today, but getting real SEO results these days requires not only a technically optimized website and relevant inbound links but also a strong, vibrant Web presence that supports your overall brand.

Which is where social media comes in.

Read more:  Strategy - The Convergence of Search and Social Media : MarketingProfs Article

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