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Different Types of Sales Letters

Until fairly recently, there were only two types of sales letters that Internet marketers used to increase sales and to promote downloadable products over the Internet.

With video now widely used this has changed.  This means that you have far more options than you had not long ago.

With this in mind, you have to decide what you trust is going to work best in your market niche at the outset, well before starting to create your sales page.

To start, let’s look at how it used to be.

Long or Short Sales Copy

Until a few years ago, the only choice to increase sales volume was between using a customary long copy sales page, or using a short copy sales letter. The difference between the two being the size of the sales letter.

It used to be suggested that the more expensive the merchandise that you were promoting from a sales letter was, the more material you had to include on the page to influence interested visitors to become customers.

Therefore, a sales letter for a $197 item would be longer than the sales letter for a $97 item, but shorter than the sales page for something costing $1997.

At the other end of the pricing model, the market was flooded a couple of years ago with $7 product offers nearly all of which used “cookie cutter‟ pre-made templates that looked like this:
Sales Letter Copy Sample 1

With such a low price, buying or not buying the merchandise being promoted had little or zero to do with the sales copy and page design.  Since even if there was only the slightest thought that the item might perhaps be of some use, it was a no-brainer to invest $7 to find out if it actually helped.

If you are interested in seeing what kind of products were being offered, you can find at least a hundred of these $7 offers here.

And until a few years back, that was really the how sales letters were created. It was either long or short copy if you were creating your own sales letter or a pre-formatted, 98% pre-written sales letter for $7 products.

The number of different kinds of sales letters that people use has grown over the past few years.

This gives you many more different options, which of course brings the associated disadvantage that the choice is now harder to make than ever before.

New Ideas for Sales Letters

In the past five years or so, no one can have failed to notice that video has unquestionably exploded all over the Internet. Accordingly, including video on sales pages is now almost mandatory.

With the question being whether a sales page includes one or more videos.

For example, although a traditional long copy sales page should be designed to build up momentum from the top of the sales page down with a story gradually developing, it is now routine for a video to be used in numerous places on the same sales letter page to complement the point being made at that particular stage of the letter.

As the written story is developing, so is the story being told by the videos which are featured at several different points on that page.

This should not after all be a great surprise because it makes of sense. Using video allows you to talk directly to your lead or customer and makes you appear far more social.

In effect then, both sides benefit from the use of video, so the trend towards using video on sales pages is one that you can almost guarantee will quicken over the coming years.

Thus, video allows you to present far more information far more quickly while keeping your web site visitor interested and involved with your content.

At the other end of the spectrum, we are also beginning to see sales pages that present little or no information at all at the front end of the sales funnel.

This consequently brings you to a serious consideration that has to be thought through before you decide what kind of sales page you’re going to use.  This thought is, who is your targeted prospect or customer and what do you know about the kind of sales tactic that they are likely to favor?

You Must Talk Their Language

The chief purpose of your sales letter is to convey a message to everyone who views it.

The message that you communicate is made up of different parts, such as the graphics on the page, the words that you use and the font, any videos that you incorporate, and so on.

Changing any of these parts of the sales letter also changes the nature of the message being communicated as well.

As an example, although the fact that you are reading this suggests that you are someone who will create sales pages in English, would your page convey exactly the same message to your viewer if you wrote it in Spanish or German?

Sure, the words might mean precisely the same, but the influence and therefore the message that the page carried to the viewer may be entirely different if it was written in a completely different language.

Instead of trying to come up with something that everyone loves, you have to write your copy and create a sales page that appeals to only one “ideal” customer.

Basic Sales Page Structure

If you are going to build a long copy sales letter page, the first thing that you need is a web page editor, a program with which you can construct that page in the correct way.

The best known program of this type is Adobe Dreamweaver but as it is also quite costly, you are probably better starting with a free editor like NVU or Kompozer.

Both of these are excellent WYSIWYG editors (what you see is what you get) meaning that they can to a large extent be used in a similar way to the way you would use a word processing program like Microsoft Word.

As you will probably have noticed from looking at other people’s sales pages, it is common for the sales copy to be featured in a table in the middle of the page like this:

Sales Letter Copy Sample 2

Given that this is the widely accepted for this kind of page, this is what you ought to do as well.

If you want to create a sales page from a template, you can download free sales letter templates from the web sites listed below.

Here are a few sites where you can download or use a free sales page generators.

Clearly, using a ready-made template or a page generator has the benefit that it allows you to create your page quickly and easily.

Writing Your Copy

Initially, you have to understand the concept of how to write the copy, what it is intended to do.

There is an outline of how your page should progress that you should follow if you want to achieve the best results.

The best sales letters are those that slowly develop a story from the top to the bottom of the page.  Each distinct section of your page has to be written in such a way that it propels your visitor to keep reading the next section.

Your main headline should force your reader to continue reading the sub-headline which should compel them into starting to read the main copy text.

If you can somehow interlace a plausible and interesting story into your sales copy this will immediately draw your visitor in.  Everyone enjoys a good story and they have to know the ending, so they will keep reading.

If you want to research professional sales pages to increase your sales go to Clickbank and look at the highest selling products. Study them and get ideas.

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