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How to Get Traffic

One of the key factors in getting traffic to your blog is to get out there and let people know you exist.

In this article I will discuss some of the ways that I've been able to generate traffic to this blog.

I will talk about the top five websites that send traffic to this blog and what you can do to generate traffic to yours.

If you look at the screen shot below you will see the traffic stats for this blog over the last two months.

Traffic Statistics for How To Internet Marketing and Video Training

Let's talk about the top five traffic generating websites for this blog one at a time.
  1. Facebook
  2. HubPages
  3. YouSayToo
  4. Google
  5. Pingy

Facebook Traffic

Facebook Traffic
As you can see, Facebook is at the top of the chart with 318 visitors.

Keep in mind that this blog is about two months old and from what I've been reading online these traffic statistics are very good for a new blog.

I just read about a blog that's two years old and he gets about 800 visitors a month.

If you've been struggling to get traffic to your blog begin using some of the strategies listed here.

Every time you create a new post make sure to share it on your Facebook
page.  Join Networked Blogs, which is integrated into Facebook and allows you to easily join with a few clicks.

Once you join Networked Blogs go to the discussion boards and begin interacting with other bloggers in your niche.

HubPages Traffic

The second highest traffic referring site to this blog is HubPages with 146 visitors. I've posted articles and video tutorials on HubPages since I created this blog.

HubPages is a very good way to get targeted traffic to your blog.  And it's free to join.

HubPages Traffic Stats
The way to get traffic from HubPages is to insert your RSS feed into every article you create.

When people finish reading your article they will click on one of the links on your RSS feed to go to your blog.

Of course, you have to have quality content.

No one is going to click on your links if you have a spun article that is hard to read or doesn't make sense.

It's also possible to make money with HubPages because it is a revenue sharing website.

I haven't made any money yet with the site because I don't have enough articles. I use it mainly as a traffic generating mechanism.

And it's working.

HubPages allows you to post videos as well.  One of the things that I've been doing lately is going to YouTube and collecting videos on a certain topic and creating a HubPage about it and calling it a video series or video tutorial.

I've seen my traffic increase about 30% from HubPages since I started doing this
kind of posting.

A word of caution about HubPages - they will not let you use duplicate content. You cannot have an article on HubPages and have the same article on your blog. I've tried it, it doesn't work.

YouSayToo Visitors

YouSayToo has a lot of traffic.  I joined about three weeks ago and it's already
YouSayToo Visitors
generated 110 visitors to this blog.

The great thing about YouSayToo is that you don't have to create new content.

The site uses the same content on your blog and posts it on their site.   It uses the same technology as RSS feeds so that as soon as you create a new blog post it shows up on YouSayToo.

It is also a revenue sharing website. If you have an AdSense account it is easy to integrate it into your YouSayToo account.

The good thing about YouSayToo?

The traffic from that site loves clicking on the AdSense links.  Since I've started using the site I've noticed an increase of revenue in my AdSense account.

Google Organic Traffic

The quickest way to get organic traffic from Google is to begin using H1 and H2 tags in every post.

It's pain in the butt and takes more time but it is worth the effort for the long term.

Google Traffic
Also use the title tag.  Since I started doing that a few weeks ago I've noticed an increase in organic traffic.

To put it into perspective, before I began using the tags my organic search results were less than 5% of the traffic to this blog.

That number is now more than 7%.


Pingy Visitors

The last item on the list is  That's just a pinging service that I use and it is very effective.

Pingy has a spot on top of its web page that lists the latest blog to use the service.

So when someone goes to the site to ping their blog they'll see your URL listed.

What you want to do is ping every blog post.  You only need to do it once.  I don't recommend using more than one pinging service as it will be considered spamming by the search engines.

Most of the pinging services ping to the same sources anyway so you only need to ping your post with one service.

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Ramiro Rodriguez

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