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Get Traffic to Your Website

How to Get Traffic Video Training Course

Getting traffic to your website is frustrating. Watch these videos on traffic getting strategies to give you some very good ideas that you can implement today to help you achieve your goals.

The reason I put this video course together is because I was performing keyword research on the topic when I noticed all of the people searching for the term getting traffic to my website.

And I noticed the competition.

For me, it's challenging to out rank the competition and I smile when I see this blog on Google's first page on different search terms.

But it's hard work getting on the first page. Search engine optimization is one of the key factors in setting yourself apart and ranking well on search results but it is beyond the scope of this blog post.  I don't want to beat a dead horse.

Three Traffic Generating Videos

The first two videos are by a very popular woman named Lisa Irby at

Lisa Talks Traffic Generation
Her idea of getting and sustaining traffic is to set herself apart from everyone else.

Instead of writing about what everyone else is writing about - set yourself apart by doing something a little differently.

For example, what sets this blog apart from other Internet marketing blogs is my massive use of other peoples' videos.

What prompted the idea of using videos to generate traffic was when I began performing research on topics that I wanted to learn.

I figured that instead of going to all the time to watch the videos I could embed them on the blog and stay here and study.

Then I started getting more and more traffic after each video blog post and I figured out that the videos were helping generate most of the new visitors. This blog now has, on average, 600 visitors a day.

Lisa suggests to think about five strategies that you do better than your competition and focus on those to set yourself apart. And that by setting yourself apart, you'll start getting more traffic.

Watch the video to learn how she's generating massive amounts of traffic to her website and YouTube channel.

Internet marketing video

Video #2 from Lisa on where she gets free traffic

This video is about using YouTube to get traffic. YouTube is the second largest search engine and with the right keywords you can generate a good amount of targeted traffic.

Studies show that in less than two years video searches will outrank all other forms of media searches on the Internet. 

It's still important to publish other forms of content such as PDFs, pictures and podcasts but video should be your number one strategy if you want to position yourself now to be ahead of everyone else in a few years.

Internet marketing video

Video #3 Traffic strategies with Gavin Stevenson

How to get free traffic to your website.  In this video Gavin presents a schematic of the traffic tactics he uses. He claims to generate 200 visitors a day from this strategy.

This video has received more than 3,000 YouTube views making it extremely popular. I use about three of the strategies he mentions and I've had good results.

Internet marketing video

Additional Internet marketing training courses

Now click on one of the links below learn more traffic generating strategies.

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Ramiro Rodriguez

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