What is Fiverr.com and Can I Make Money on Fiverr?

Fiverr.com and President Lincoln

Yes You Can Make Money On Fiverr.com

I've been busy working gigs from Fiverr.com and I haven't written an article for a couple of days. I've also been posting training videos on this blog and on HubPages.  There are a four videos on this blog post.

The first one is a testimonial and the last three are gigs that are currently on Fiverr.

For those of you not familiar with Fiverr it is a website where people post a service that they will provide for $5.

You don't actually receive five dollars for your service.  Fiverr keeps a dollar and pays you four.  And you don't get paid until after the money clears which takes two weeks.  That's just part of their policy.

It's not a bad policy because once you get rolling and making money you'll receive a payment every two weeks if you want.  Fiverr allows you to withdraw funds that are available any time you choose.

So you can let it accumulate and build some savings or you can use it as soon as it's available.

More than a few Fiverr sellers are making a very decent income from their gigs. One of the more popular gigs is creating custom backgrounds for Twitter and YouTube.

Anyone can join Fiverr, the only requirement is a PayPal account.  And you're able to post gigs as soon as you create an account as there is no waiting period.

If you have a talent for something such as singing or making videos Fiverr may be a way for you to make a little extra money. There's a  Fiverr seller that claims to earn $300 a month part time from his gigs. And another seller named Calocedrus is doing very well.  His testimonial is listed below:

Fiverr seller Calocedrus posted the following testimonial:

"Hey- This is Calocedrus – Landscaper by day, button-maker by Night. I’ve been a part of the Fiverr community for about 11 months now. It has been a great
Making Money on Fiverr.com
experience, and I’ve enjoyed meeting people and being able to provide buttons for people to promote their business, events and products.

It was slow in the beginning but it’s starting to pick up. 

The post office has gotten to know me quite well, it feels like 
I am there daily with orders. 

I have the ability to handle many more orders and would love to help more people.

The money I am earning is being put toward the restoration of a 1964 Chrysler Imperial that was given to me by my late father in law.

On my website (www.calbuttons.tk) you can see pictures of the car. You’ll also see you can be directed right to Fiverr to purchase.

I’ve been following the Blog and Facebook, so when you announced that you wanted to hear from us I took another opportunity to let you know who’s behind the button making – just a married home owner with a little free time and a goal to restore a classic car.

I’ve purchased some cool gigs from Fiverr that I hope will further promote my sales. 

I feel like Fiverr is going to be a growing trend in how business is done and I speak of it often. It’s great to be a part of the community."

The above story was published on the Fiverr.com blog

Video testimonial on Fiverr.com


Fiverr.com Gigs on video

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  2. Hi Alissa, thanks for giving my readers another choice to make money online.


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