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Video Marketing Training Guide

This video marketing training guide will help you get started creating videos. You won't be able to produce quality videos right away but with practice you'll get better at video production and gain a follwing.

There are videos here that teach video marketing as well as a bunch of links after the videos that you can use to get more information.

How to Use Online "Video For Marketing"

This video was produced by Molly Dalbec who has several videos on Google's first page. She knows what she's talking about. This is a very good training video that will give you good ideas.

How to use the YouTube Keyword Tool - Video marketing training

This first video will show you how to use YouTube's keyword research tool so that you'll know what keywords to include in your video when you're done producing it.

Create videos with free Photo Story software - Video marketing training

This video will show you how to create videos for free if you don't have video marketing software. You'll only be able to use pictures with this tool but it's a start.

In House E-Commerce Video Program Strategies - Video marketing training

This quick video is a success story of how a company is using video to increase sales. You'll also get some useful video making tips.

Learn Video Sitemaps With Google: How-to Create Sitemaps For Google Video SEO - Video marketing training

This is a video produced by and features two Google employees. So you'll be getting inforomation straight from Google not someone guessing what Google requires.

Is your small business taking advantage of online video marketing? Other small businesses are. Learn more about the importance of online video as a marketing tool in this small business roundup. Do you have any stories about online video success in your small business? Comment below and enjoy the roundup.

How-to Video Marketing Resources

What is video marketing? Here’s an overview of what video marketing is, why it’s important and how to learn more. Increasing data shows the potential value of online video marketing, but how can you get started? And what considerations should you keep in mind when planning your video marketing campaign? Consider this your introduction.

Six tips and tools for making your video great. Don’t sweat it when it comes to shooting online video for your marketing campaign. A few simple tips can vastly improve the quality of your original online video content. Plan your video out ahead of time with the following points in mind. You’ll have a video everyone can be proud of in no time.

Why content is the key. Don’t wait to plunge into online video marketing until you can afford YouTube clips on the scale of a Hollywood epic. Remember, like blog content or any other communications you do with customers or other visitors to your Website, it’s what you have to say that counts. What is your message? How can it help your audience?

Marketing with someone else’s video. Using video on your Website doesn’t necessarily require production work. YouTube and many other sources on the Internet are crammed full of content, content their producers would love for you to share. Picking the video content that fits around your own Website is what curated video is all about. Here are some examples.

Video Trends

Video will fuel Internet traffic growth. Online traffic is expected to quadruple by 2015 in part because of the proliferation of mobile Internet devices but also because of the explosion  of video content and a market for that content on the Web. Will your small business be poised to take advantage of a vast new audience expecting their content to be delivered at 30 frames per second?

Why your brand needs a video campaign. If you market on the Internet, you should be aware that data suggests video will account for half of all online consumer traffic by 2012. If you want your message to have a chance at finding customers, can you afford to ignore half your audience by ignoring video?

Appetite for online video keeps growing. Interest in online video is not projected to slow anytime soon. In fact, the audience for online video is expected to double by 2015. Are some of these people your customers? Could they be? What plans are you putting into place to capture a significant portion of this growing market? How will it impact your business?

Video Marketing Strategies & Tips

Your own online TV show? Taking a page from the playbook of famed online video marketer Gary Vaynerchuk, retailers in many markets (including furniture) are thinking about creating their own TV shows for the Internet. What better way to show off what you have to offer customers than with your own TV show? Now you don’t need to buy airtime to do it.

Traditional media pushes online video. If there’s one trend that best exemplifies the value of online video as a marketing channel, it may be a move by traditional broadcasting giant Fox News to begin packaging online video advertising with on-air advertising buys. The reason, according to this report? The desire to monetize increasing traffic to view the company’s  video programming online.

Future Developments in Video Marketing

Video and social media merge. Though the SEO importance of video on your own Website is clear, video sharing sites, most notably YouTube, also have created a social networking component to the online video revolution. With nearly half a billion visitors a month, YouTube provides an opportunity to get your video content recognized by a huge community. How can you use video social networks to leverage your message?

Source - Small Biz Trends Video Marketing Guide

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