Internal Links | Link Building How To

Internal Links | Link Building How To

Internal Linking Flow Chart
Internal links can help you if you want to make your website more SEO friendly.

This link building how to video will explain why internal links are important to search engines when they crawl your website.

One of the things that a search engine does when it arrives at your site is to look at all of the links on your page to index them and rank them for your keywords.

Internal links can also be considered a backlinking strategy because the search engines will see them as backlinks, or to put it better, the search engines will see them as one of the stronger backlinks to a site.

One of the best examples of how strong internal links can be is Wikipedia. Almost every page on that website has more links to other pages. Wikipedia ranks very well on many keywords so this should be a good example for us.

The video also examines Wikipedia’s internal linking strategy as a link building how to.

Internal links and External Links

Internal Links Flow Chart
Internal links are links that are on your website that link to other pages on your website. External links are different; they are links in your website that point to other websites.

External links are also good for SEO because they tell the search engines that you know where to send readers for more relevant information. So you’ll tend to rank higher for external links as well.

Internal links should be
  • Used as anchor text for your keywords
  • Intermixed with the content on your site
  • Able to open in the same window
  • Relevant to the page

Internal Link Building

A link to another web page looks like this:

a href="">Anchor text here

To create your link just replace the “” with the url of the web page you want to link to.

This step isn’t necessary if you have an HTML editor but it does pay to have at least some basic HTML knowledge.

The anchor text should be your keyword.

Internal Links v. External Links
Try not to write ‘click here’ as anchor because that tells the search engine nothing when it crawls your site.

For example, if I’m writing a blog post about red snakes and I have another post on my blog about long red snakes, the anchor text words should be: long red snakes.

The benefits of internal links on your website

When internal links are done properly, the search engine will pick up on the links on your page and realize that you have ‘additional’ information related to red snakes.

What I try to do is to find all of the relevant pages on this blog and link them together. It’s a lot of work and a pain in the butt, but it is worth the effort.

At the bottom of this page you will see the additional links.

I promise you that you will be smiling when you see your website on Google’s first page. Adding the internal links also adds relevant content to your current page without you having to write any more content.

Using a sitemap as an internal linking strategy

Using an XML sitemap for search engines and an HTML sitemap for your human visitors is a great way to create strong internal links for your website.

Your readers get the benefit of being able to find content quickly and the search engines get to crawl your site faster and more efficiently.

SEO and Internal Linking - Internet marketing video

Additional resources for internal links and external link building, and search engine optimization

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Internal links are a great way to perform an SEO tune-up of your website or blog. I hope you leared a little about internal links and link building how to. Please be sure to bookmark this page so that you can check out the other Internet marketing videos.

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