SEO Tools Link Building | Building SEO Links

SEO Tools Link Building | Building SEO Links

SEO Tools Ultimate Collection
The video below on SEO tools and building SEO links is presented by Vertical Measures, Intelligent Internet Marketing.

Offsite SEO link building factors are something that can help you with the search engine algorithms.

But you need SEO tools to help you prepare your strategy.

Some of the things that are discussed on the video are:

SEO Link Popularity

  • Quality
  • Quantity
  • Authority
  • Relevance
Search engines will examine the SEO links that point to your site as a way to gauge whether or not your site contains quality content.

I've learned that it's not how many overall SEO links you have pointing to a page on your website that really matters. It is the quality of the sites that contain links to your website that counts the most.

For example, I was thinking about SEO link building one day when I got the bright idea to create PDFs (eBooks) full of links pointing back to this blog.

So I created about 10 PDFs and uploaded them to a free website that I control. Those were my SEO tools.

This is why we need good SEO tools

After about two weeks of having these SEO links online Google penalized my blog and it stopped showing up in search engine results. This is why having good SEO tools is important.

Frontware SEO Tools
So that's why I studied this video on building SEO links with the proper research using good tools.

As a result of that mistake traffic to this blog dropped from about 700-800 visitors a day to between 100-200 visitors.

I have since removed those PDFs and I am now back on good terms with Google.

Where to start building seo links?

One of the first steps that many Internet marketers take when link building for SEO is to look at their competitor's websites. You can do so by:

Competitor Analysis
  • Determine who outranks your site
  • Analyze their backlinks
  • Determine their link building strategy
  • Organize the information

Performing this research will help you determine your competitor's SEO link building strategies and give you some idea as to where you should start.

The focus here is to get started and be organized. There is a lot of information that we come across when we do this kind of research and all of the information can become overwhelming.

Competitor Analysis Using SEO Tools

The list below mentions free SEO tools that will help you determine your competitor's backlinks and how they are building SEO links.

Free SEO Tools
SEO Link Wheel

Paid SEO Tools

Most people beging using the free SEO tools until they start to see a real income from their efforts.

Some of the paid tools can cost up to $300 a month and a lot of people pay that because the link building tools are worth it.

That's a quick overview of what's contained in the webinar. So, let's get started watching the video.

After the video you'll find additional resources for link building tools for SEO and articles on building SEO links. There are also more videos listed.

Link Building SEO Tools for Success - Internet marketing video

I forgot to mention that the presenter's name is Kayla at Vertical Measures.

Link Building Tools For Success from Vertical Measures on Vimeo.

I've watched this video a few times and I don't think that it's too long. Most videos with that kind of information can be more than an hour long.

SEO Link Building - SEO Links - Internet marketing video

I just found this video on YouTube after posting this article so I thought I'd add it here. This video has received 93,000 views.

I guess SEO tools are as important as SEO links when it comes to overall strategies.

Additional SEO Tools information and SEO Link building tips.

These SEO tools and SEO links articles and videos are on this blog. If you bookmark this page now you can come back to information whenever you need to!

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- The Convergence of Search and Social Media

- Create Backlinks Quickly

Please don't forget to bookmark this page.  I hope you learned how to use the SEO tools that were presented here and the SEO link strategies that were discussed.

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  1. Fantastic tools. I just wanted to know one thing. Can only dofollow blog comments helps in SERP increase.

  2. Since Google changed it algorithm no one knows for sure about the no-follow and do-follow links.

    There is research being conducted now but if you're using commenting as a link building strategy I say go a head and start leaving your comments.

    I use commenting as a traffic strategy and it's working well for me. About 200 or more visits to this blog come from comments I've left on other blogs.

  3. Yes,fantastic tips I found here.I believe all these tips ll do a great help to all seo newbies.I ll recommend keywords research and placement of keywords throughout website in all work.Title tag has very important role to get rank high in SE.

  4. Thanks for stopping by and leaving a message.

    I agree with you about the title tag and keyword placement.

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