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Getting Traffic For Your Website

Getting traffic for your website is hard. In this article I'm going to reveal one little secret that will get tons of traffic for your website.

It's not going to happen overnight with this method, it'll take a few weeks. But once the traffic starts coming in it won't stop.

This is not a system that will bring traffic to affiliate links or to sales pages. This is about getting traffic to a website with content.

Traffic for your website with content

The content on your website doesn't have to be amazing or even great, it just has to inform people. It has to be able to give the readers what they're looking for.

If you can give people the information they're seeking they will consider you a reliable source and the traffic to your website will be continuous.

So what's the secret already! It's using Google News.

Google News is an incredibly effective way to get more traffic to websites. Here's how it works.

Increase traffic to website using Google News

Website Traffic & Google
This is going to require a few hours of your time every week. But that's what we do isn't it? We spend time building our website which in turn builds our income.

The key word in work at home is 'work'.

What you want to do is create a category on your website or blog and call it 'your industry news'.

Spend time putting together a news article every day on topics related to your website.

For example, if your website is about chickens, you'll want to create a category called chicken news.

In that category you'll have to post news related to chickens on a daily basis.

It doesn't have to be a long winded article, most news articles aren't incredibly lengthy. After reading this blog post do some research on news about your topic and you'll see what I mean.

The easiest way to stay informed about your topic is to create a Google Alert.

Once that's set-up every time something new related to your alert is published on the Internet you'll receive an email about it giving you the opportunity to be one of the first people to be informed.

If you don't know what a Google Alert is click here.

Will Write For Traffic
Your news articles should be packed with the keywords related to your industry.

And ideally, they should have pictures and videos.

You can go to YouTube and find videos on every topic on the planet.

When you find one that you like embed the video into your post.

This step isn't necessary but it'll help get you more traffic for your website as Google tends to rank web pages with pictures and videos a little higher.

After a couple of weeks of creating these news articles and posting them on your website contact Google News and tell them you'd like to be included in Google News as a news source.

Google works with individual publishers as well as with the big time news sources. And if you have Google AdSense ads on your news articles you'll be accepted faster.

Not that it's necessary to have ads but it's something you should do anyway as almost everyone is placing the ads on their sites.

How is this going to help you get traffic for your website?

Traffic Light
Google News is used by people searching for news more than any other news search engine.

And if you publish news on a daily basis related to your industry people will find your web pages when they search Google News for your keywords.

Most Internet marketers aren't doing this because they fear they're not good news sources or news writers. But think about this for a few seconds.

What constitutes news?

A news article is nothing more than someone writing about something that happened.

If you can read a few articles related to your niche and then write about what's going on and who's doing what in your industry then you can write a good news article.

Of course it has to be in your own words. You don't want to plagiarize other people's work. There's a way around that though.

At least once a week I'll publish an article on this blog that was written by someone else. I just give them the credit and include a link back to their website.

You can do the same thing.  Just don't do it every day.

Get in the habit of writing your own stuff. It's not as hard as it seems and once you get used to writing news articles it'll get easier and easier.

I provide a service where I write press releases for companies and I can write a press release in about half an hour after
reading a few articles on the subject.

I simply put, in my own words, what I read.

Other methods to get traffic for your website

There are a lot of ways to get traffic to your website.  You can use:

  • social media
  • press releases
  • article marketing
  • videos
  • comments on related blogs
  • guest writing for other blogs/websites
  • Networked Blogs

I have used all of the above with good results.  Listed below are a few links related to getting traffic for your website.

You can also click on the link below the eBook cover above to download the eBook and get some more ideas.

10 Ways To Get Traffic To Your Website or Blog - Internet marketing video

The guy on this video talks pretty quick because the video is under two minutes but he gives some good ideas to get traffic. One of his ideas is to pay website directories. I've read several times that this is a good idea to do with with the Yahoo directory.

Additional resources on getting traffic for your website and how to get blog traffic

The links listed below contain more information on getting traffic. There are only a few so grab a cup of coffee and keep learning about traffic. :-)

- How to get blog traffic

- How to get traffic to your blog quickly

- How to get traffic video training course

- How to optimize your website video course

- How to get your blog noticed and acquire readers

I hope you learned how to get traffic for your website.  Be sure to bookmark this page now so that you can read the other articles on getting traffic.  Most of them aren't very long.

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  1. Hey Ramiro, This is really useful information for getting traffic to your site. Your content needs to be unique and original.

    But I also like your method. Simply read something and deliver it back to your reader in your own words with your own input :-)

    Take care, Liz

  2. this is so informatic, thanks to motivate some one who dont want to write articles of his own, because of that he can't write so good... I like that ....
    But here one thing for sure, that it will be very hard to be a Google News writer or provider, because it's called global village..... I will try my best to be a Google News provider or writer, as I have Google Adsense account. Please guide me more about that on FB.. thanks again.. :)

  3. Thank you guys for stopping by and reading my article. I really appreciate it!

  4. Amazing articles. Thanks for giving a best instruction. I think content is main part of all.

  5. SEO! I see you're back. Thanks for leaving another comment.

  6. Having a timely article will give your readers a reason to look at your site. Add in some quality information that will trigger their curiosity and you're all good. And thanks for your vid! Cheers!

  7. Hi Kirby,

    Thanks for leaving a comment. I hope you looked at the other videos on this blog.

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