Creating Backlinks Quickly | PRNutshell

Creating Backlinks Quickly | PRNutshell

Backlinks are good

Create backlinks quickly. Submit your article and press release summaries free at PRNutshell and increase your website’s search engine rankings.

PR Nutshell is the only company on the web that allows web masters to submit summaries of articles, press releases and blog posts with the specific intent of increasing search engine rankings with backlinks.

What are your backlinking goals?

"PR Nutshell, Website owners exploring new ways to increase their search engine rankings with backlinks now have a new tool with which to help them achieve their backlinking goals." Neil Willis - PRNutshell Owner

Backlinking has become popular with web masters who want to increase their website’s search engine rankings. It is however, time consuming and labor intensive.

PR Nutshell seeks to reduce the time it takes for web masters to gain backlinks by allowing them to submit article summaries and include a link at the end of the summary (the backlink).

Google's recommendations for backlinks

“PRNutshell is designed around the top 2 Google recommendations for your website

1. build great content on your website, and

2. attract webmasters to link with you [inbound link].”

Features of the website include the popular share buttons that allow web masters to instantly notify their followers of the new article summary on Facebook and Twitter accounts with the click of a button. Screen Shot

Submit your articles and create backlinks quick

Submitting article summaries is quick and effortless with the easy to use interface and one click submission.

What makes PR Nutshell different?

Press Release in a Nutshell is a powerful new press release service utilizing a proprietary system to fuse the best SEO strategies for search engines with the latest in social media technology, which helps to develop maximum exposure and credibility for your own website and business.

How works:

1. Publish your article on your own website or blog

2. Register with for your FREE user account

3. Submit a summary or nutshell of your press release to PR Nutshell

4. Link the PR Nutshell article to the unique URL on your own website or blog

Backlinks are a powerful SEO strategy

Backlinking with the Press
With PR Nutshell you get all the power of a traditional press release, the benefits of an inbound link to your own website, PLUS you retain all the great content of the article on your website.

PR Nutshell has three levels of service:

1. Free Press Release

2. Single Coupon US$14.95 with additional features. A single coupon is purchased and can be used for one press release. There is no limit to how many coupons you can buy.

3. 12 month Subscription US$149.95 with all the features and unlimited releases.

Now click on the link.

Press Release in a Nutshell, the power of a PR, benefits of an inbound link, PLUS great content on your website

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  1. Building your links for your site is helpful to drive traffic to it. You need traffic if you want your site to be listed on top of the SERPs.Links that I am referring to here is called backlinks or inbound links.

  2. These are links that are capable of directing to your site coming from other websites. These inbound links are also used by search engines as indicators on how well is your link popularity and how many visits your site is having.

  3. Hey guys, thanks for dropping by and leaving a comment.

    Backlinks certainly do help you in the search engine rankings. I've experienced it both ways!


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