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How to Host a Twitter Chat That Rocks

You once needed a fabulous venue, trendy drinks, and sparkling names to throw the biggest party in town, but nowadays, some of the most rockin’ parties are online.

And all that’s required to throw a successful online shindig is a Twitter account and a little bit of planning.

Here’s what you need to know to host your own successful Twitter chat.
Have a Twitter account. OK, that part is probably obvious. The not-so-obvious part is that you need to make sure you’re hosting from the right account.

In other words, if you use your Twitter account almost 99% of the time for work, make sure you don’t mind all your workmates knowing about your Twitter chat.

And if you do mind, then you should probably get a second Twitter account with a note about it being for “personal tweets.” (Or not. Sometimes, personal tweets from your work Twitter account can help folks see you as a little warmer, a bit more “real.” It’s your call.)

Let's Chat On Twitter
Know your theme. All the best parties and events have a theme. Keep your passions and interests in mind—and know why you are getting everyone together for a Twitter chat.

What’s the focus? Are you going to chat about the latest samurai flicks? Are you interested in what other steampunk fans are creating? Do you want to get together with people around the world who want to discuss Lemony Snicket’s books?

Once you know your topic, you can check online to see if those types of Twitter chats exist—and what you can do to make yours stand out. (You can also decide to just join an existing one if you’d rather not start from scratch.)

Get a suitable hashtag. A hashtag was, in the olden days, called a pound mark: #. Now, it’s the nifty little sign that marks keywords and topics on Twitter, which makes it easier to follow the conversation. You can follow the conversation via Twitter search by typing the # and the name of the chat.

You can also use TweetchatHootSuite, or TweetDeck. To use a hashtag, all you need to do is, well, use it.

And let other people coming to your Twitter chat know to use it, too, so your tweets can be found in the ever-expanding Twitterverse. And be sure to make your hashtag catchy but short. (You don’t want to use up crucial characters just on a hashtag!)

If your Twitter chat is just for a yearly event, consider including the year in the hashtag.

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