Facebook SEO Tips | Getting More Likes On Your Posts

Facebook SEO Tips | Getting More Likes On Your Posts

Facebook and Google
This Facebook SEO Tips article was published by Mequoda.com and it's one really sneaky little SEO trick that's going to give you a big boost on Facebook and Google.

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Boost the rank of your articles with this Facebook SEO hack

You know those small, hidden gem restaurants that you don’t even want to tell people about because you don’t want people crowding up your restaurant?

Well the tip I’m about to get into is like one of those restaurants.

In fact, I’ve already been burned once, because a few years ago, we wrote an amazingly SEO’d landing page that was bringing in thousands of visitors every month all on its own and building our email lists like crazy.

In usual Mequoda fashion, we couldn’t keep our mouths shut and went ahead and started blogging about our incredible success.

Surprise, surprise, every online marketer on the planet started stealing our niche and flourishing keyword.

Where there was once a sweet spot, now the competition on that keyword is fierce. Drats. It’s OK though, we’re tough.

Increase Your Facebook Likes
To continue the trend of giving away our best secrets, I’ll begrudgingly go ahead and lay out my favorite Facebook SEO hack to date.

It’s common-sense and simple, but very, very effective.

Facebook and Google are tied in with SEO

So SEO Experts are seeing an increasing preference for social media within the Google Algorithm. The more shares, tweets and comments a blog post gets, the higher it ranks.

While we’ve seen Twitter give us a decent boost in ranking and a huge jump in how fast an article gets ranked, it still hasn’t seen the boost that this Facebook hack offers.

Here it is.

The next time you write a an article (which targets a niche keyword), make sure that you write it in a case study style.

Whenever you’re trying to make a point, be sure to use an example from a professional or business in your niche. Don’t choose anyone too huge, try to stick to the folks that are likely to appreciate your write-up about them.

Once you’ve written the article, post it on the Facebook page of everyone that you mentioned in the article.

A nice little personal (not generic) message about their inclusion in the article will be helpful. Give a brief sentence or two about why you mentioned them.

Now wait for it.

Facebook Fans Liking Your Post
When done properly, their fans will begin to flock to your Facebook post, congratulating and reinforcing your kind words.

Getting more likes on Facebook

The “likes” on your article will build, and the Facebook comments on your article will grow.

The more people you mention in your article (with a decent little complimentary case study), the more walls you can post it on without feeling like some kind of marketing jerk.

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Here’s a quick example.

You’re a food magazine and writing a blog post about coffee shops in Portland, Oregon. You write nice things about the coffee shops you mention.

Once the article is live, you post it on the walls of each coffee shop, telling them you picked them for your article about coffee shops in Portland because you are a huge fan of their Chai Latte.

Your job is done.

Fans of the coffee shop “like” your article because they like that you complimented a coffee shop that they also like.

They write comments like “I love their chai too!” or “Way to go ABC Coffee Shop!”.

The same method works the same for B2B.

A New Level for Facebook
For example, if I could have found any other B2B blogger out there who was implementing this Facebook SEO tip, I would have listed them right here and said what a smart company they were for doing it.

Then I’d go ahead and post it on their Facebook wall, telling them how smart I think they are and post the article that proves I really mean it.

Their fans would say, “I agree, you are smart!”

Boost the rank of your articles with this Facebook SEO hack

All these “likes” and comments on our post, which links to our article, give us a giant boost in SEO love.

GIANT. This is of course entirely dependent on the fact that you used a great niche keyword.

Go ahead and try it. Don’t forget to leave me a comment below, letting me know how it worked.

This Facebook SEO tip has been working well for me

I’ve been landing page one ranks on good keywords for my clients all week long and it’s been working so well that I couldn’t keep it all bundled up inside any longer…

Only this time, I’ll be a wee bit smarter than last time; so no, I’m not telling you my keywords!

Additional information on how to get the most out of Facebook

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I hope you learned a nice little trick by reading this Facebook SEO Tips about getting more Likes on your blog posts.

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