Business to Business Websites | Creating Business Websites

Business to Business Websites | Creating Business Websites

Business to Business Websites Strategy
A lot small companies are planning to create business to business websites in an effort to produce sales and leads because they understand that the Internet can be a major source of growth and revenue for business websites.

The videos and webinars below will cover the topics discussed in this article so that you have a better understanding of what successful business websites look like.

Planning and designing successful business to business websites requires a comprehensive content marketing strategy.

Many business owners are pressed for time and cannot learn how to create a website on their own or the planning that is involved in creating business websites.

That’s a major stumbling block for many entrepreneurs because the skills necessary to create successful business websites are at best, complex.

Business to Business Websites Going Online Daily

B2B Websites
Small business owners are throwing up websites without a strategy and are not acquiring the leads they counted on or even driving traffic to their websites.

Driving traffic should be the first goal of all business to business websites.

There are hundreds if not hundreds of thousands of businesses that offer website creation services for small business websites.

But how do you find the best business websites that offer these services?

How do you go about filtering out the companies that do not have the skills necessary to develop successful business to business websites to help you create an online presence?

There are four key factors to consider when hiring a company for your websites, they are:

There are more details on these topics below and they are covered in the videos as well.

Business to Business Websites Need a Good SEO Strategy

The first step when looking for a business that offers website development services is to look for a company that has an SEO strategy as part of the overall development of business websites.

Both on-page and off-page SEO planning are critical for a website to rank well in the search engine results page.

A good website SEO strategy has the following elements in place.

Business to Business Websites
  • Use the title tag to include keywords
  • Use of H1 and H2 tags with keywords
  • Images with keywords in the title
  • Link building

You will not generate any traffic without having a website that is not well optimized for your keywords.

No matter how well your business to business websites look or how great the content is, people need to be able to find you and your websites.

Business to Business Websites Need a Content Management System

The company that you hire to create your website should also offer to put in place a content management system (CMS).

One that is easy to learn and that you can control as you create content for your business websites. Another alternative is to outsource content management as your website grows.

Social Media Management and Business Websites

A big factor to consider when deciding which company you’ll choose to create your site is a company that offers social media management services and social media reputation management services.

This is the most important part for business to business websites.

Companies that do not offer social media management services should be scratched off your list as this should be a major part of all business websites.

A social media plan may not be something that you’ll need right away but it’s good to know that the company helping you with your websites offers these services.

There are many small business to business websites that are creating a presence on and advertising on Facebook and are doing very well attracting leads and making sales.

Your business websites will not attract leads overnight. It will take a lot of work and perseverance as there is a lot of competition on the Internet.

Successful Business Websites

The websites that are succeeding on the Internet are the websites that have the elements that I mentioned.

You will need the following:

  • A strong SEO strategy
  • A content management system
  • A social media management system
  • A social media reputation management system

The videos below focus specifically on business to business websites and will give you great ideas to help steer your thinking in the right direction when you’re ready to create your websites.

How Search Works Business Websites Best Practices - Internet marketing video

Learn a new definition for spiders and crawling in this in-depth webinar explaining the inner workings of search engines.

Learn why SEO best practices work by understanding how search engines index web pages and use their secret algorithms to determine results.

More importantly, we tie this all back into your business to business websites, and discuss how an understanding of the web and search translates into an effective website for your company.

Presented by Kasi Gajtkowski of Hall Internet Marketing Solutions

How Search Works from Hall Internet Marketing on Vimeo.

Five SEO Mistakes to Avoid - Internet marketing video

Now that you understand the importance of search engine optimization and are implementing a strategy of your own, are you falling into some of the common pitfalls of SEO?

This webinar will identify 5 common SEO mistakes including aspects of keyword strategy, on-page SEO elements, and content optimization - and how to remedy them.

Presented by Kasi Gajtkowski of Hall Internet Marketing Solutions

Five SEO Mistakes to Avoid from Hall Internet Marketing on Vimeo.

What Is a CMS and Do I Need One? – Business to Business Websites Training - Internet marketing video

Using a content management system to maintain your website is becoming a more popular option as more systems enter the market.

Should you continue to send web content updates to your web team or is a CMS right for you? This webinar will explain exactly what a CMS is and the different levels of content management available.

We will also go over the pros and cons of using a CMS so you can determine if one is right for you.

Presented by Alayna White of Hall Internet Marketing Solutions

What Is a CMS and Do I Need One? from Hall Internet Marketing on Vimeo.

Creating a Social Media Plan for Your Business Websites - Internet marketing video

As we have discussed, social media is taking a big role in the research phase of the B2B buying cycle.

Taking a business approach to social media means laying out a plan, objectives and a strategy.

In this webinar we will discuss how to create a social media strategy and make sure your efforts are working for you.

Presented by Amanda O'Brien of Hall Internet Marketing Solutions

Creating a Social Media Plan for Your Business from Hall Internet Marketing on Vimeo.

Business to Business Websites Article Conclusion

I hope you found the information you were looking for.

I started this article by saying that a lot small business are planning to develop business to business websites to produce sales and generate leads because they understand that the Internet can be a big source of new clients for your business websites.

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