Blog Topics | How to Find the Best | Webinar

Blog Topics | How to Find the Best | Webinar

Blogging Topics Discussed

This webinar is named Coming Up with Blog Topics and is presented by Hall Internet Marketing. Choosing a topic to blog about can be hard. I go through it every day.

That's why I like posting webinars on this blog because they're easy to do, plus video is growing more and more every day.

Blog topics webinar description

We have talked about how much blogging can help businesses of all sizes by creating trust, defining ourselves as experts in our industries and to boost our website’s SEO.

One of the hardest parts of having a blog is keeping up with it and regularly coming up with new content.

In this webinar we will talk about tools and inspiration for coming up with new blog topics that will keep your blog up to date and attracting more readers, subscribers and customers.

Presented by Amanda O'Brien of Hall Internet Marketing.

Tools to use for determining blog topics to write

Amanda talks about finding blog topics using Google Analytics to determine what blog posts are popular as far as readership and
Blogging Topics Discussed

If a blog post generates a lot of interaction that can be a cue for you to create content related to that topic.

One thing I do is use analytics to determine what blog topics are more popular on this blog and create content on that topic.

For example, blogging tips, email marketing and writing are pretty popular so I have several posts related to those topics.

You can also use analytics to find out what keywords people typed into the search engine to reach your site.

Other resources to find topics to blog about

Another research tool discussed is WordtrackerLabs which allows you to see what questions people are asking when they use the search engines.

You can create blog posts around the things people are searching for in the search engines.

LinkedIn questions is also a good place to research what people are interested in learning about. I've used LinkedIn questions.

It's a very busy place with a lot of interaction and back and forth on topics.

Ok, let's watch the webinar. Under the video you will find more videos and articles related to blogging and writing.

Coming Up With Blog Topics - Internet marketing video

Coming Up with Blog Topics from Hall Internet Marketing on Vimeo.

Additional Blogging resources

The links below will give you more information to get your blogging content revved up and going the way you want to.  You may also want to learn about search engine optimization to help your blog rank well in the search results.

- Nine SEO Blogging Tips for Creating Blog Posts

- How To Use Blogging To Boost Your Business

- How to Get Traffic to Your Blog Quickly

- How to Get Your Blog Noticed and Acquire Readers

- How To Properly Optimize Your Blog

- Internet Marketing That Can Make Your Blog Useless Video

I hope you enjoyed this webinar on Coming Up with Blog Topics. Maybe now choosing a topic to blog about won't be so hard anymore.  It just takes a little research and a lot of work.

Be sure to visit Hall Internet Marketing to view their other webinars on blogging topics and content creation and management.

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