Increase Opt-in eMail List with Audio Interviews

Increase Opt-in eMail List with Audio Interviews

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You can increase your opt-in email list with audio by transforming the audio into different formats.

You can then offer a different format of the audio on separate email opt-in box landing pages.

This will allow you to test which format is working best on with opt-in squeeze page.

If you've conducted an audio interview or are planning an interview with an expert, you're on your way to having a business that can make you money.

There are additional resources about opt-in email lists at the end of this post. There is also a training video.

Audio interviews are products that will increase your opt-in email list

Try not to get stuck on the idea that an interview is just an interview. Don't do that because an interview is much more.

What I want to inspire you to do is to look at the interview as an information product.  An audio product is a money making information product that can increase your bottom line.

That information product has a value for the information it provides. But, it also has a perceived value for the way that information is delivered.

For example, an ability to listen to an interview online has an inherent value.

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But it’s not as valuable as the ability to download the interview and take it with you on the road so that you can listen to it while driving, or while in the back yard, or when you're out jogging and getting in shape.

The reason that giving options can make you more money is that people like having choices and are prepared to pay more for it.

Some people would rather listen to an audio than read a book while others would rather watch a video. And then you have the book worms that love to read.

So providing a transcript of an audio product not only adds value to the product it increases the number of people who would be interested in filing out the information on your opt-in email box. Which is what you want.

For example, in order to capture the email address of a potential customer you could make available a sample of the interview or allow the person to download the product in its entirety. Either way you get the email address.

Audio interviews are products that can be transformed into other products

Offer people all three options. Allow them to:

  • Listen to the audio online
  • Download the audio
  • Read a transcribed version online
  • Download the transcribed version as a PDF

Video Equipment Lights

You could also create a video presentation of the audio and post it on YouTube or other video sharing sites.

I have How to Twitter videos on my YouTube channel and I have gotten traffic from those videos.

Audio interviews can be a good source of additional revenue for you.

If you don’t have any audio products or don’t want to interview anyone, you can obtain private label rights audio products.

There are a ton of PLR websites that give away audio interviews. Here is a list of PLR websites that give away PLR products. You may have to scroll down a little to see the list.

Video Training How to Increase Your Opt-in email box

This is a good presentation by Pro-Blogger Michael Dunlop. He talks about the key components of a landing page with an opt-in email capture form.

I retrieved this quote from Michael’s website

"I am only just 20 years old and earn a full time income from the internet on barely half time hours. I launched my first profitable website when I was 16 years old and have been fortunate to hang out and interview some of the biggest names online such as Mark Victor Hansen, Ryan Lee, Joel Comm, Yanik Silver, Craig Newmark, (founder of, Bernadette Doyle, Cameron Johnson, Bob Parsons, (Founder and CEO of GoDaddy), Carrie Wilkerson, Russell Brunson, Ryan Deiss, Matt Mullenweg, (founding developer of WordPress) Andrew Lock, Mike Geary, (of, Ewen Chia and Gary Vaynerchuk".

Additional resources for increasing your opt-in email list

You may also be interested in the following video training courses and articles on increasing your opt-in email list.

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