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Facebook Wedding Pages | Pink Engagements

Pink Engagements is a company that creates Facebook wedding pages for engaged couples. There is a video at the end of this post with the company's founder.

The company not only creates the Facebook wedding page they also attend your wedding, take pictures and post them to your Facebook wedding page with multiple updates throughout the event.

So as you can see I wasn’t kidding when I wrote the title for this blog post. Below is an article published on abc15.com.

Facebook Wedding Pages News

When you get engaged and you want to shout it from the roof tops, the high tech equivalent of that is changing your Facebook status from 'in a relationship' to 'engaged'.

Many people use Facebook as a way to stay in touch with family and friends, so it only makes sense to create a customized page for the happy couple, and that's what Pink Engagements does.

A wedding Facebook page is just like your personal page, but it is a place where the couple can place all the important information about their upcoming nuptials.

Facebook Wedding Pages Details

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It can include details on the time and location of the wedding, even gift registry, and bridal shower or bachelorette party invitations.

Vendors hoping to get hired for the event can also place information there, from photos of potential cakes, to floral arrangement designs, for the couple to approve.

Facebook Wedding Pages Services

Pink Engagements also offers live Facebook updates as an added service.

A member of the Pink Engagements will travel to your wedding, take videos and photos, and post them to your wedding Facebook page as it's all happening, so even the guests who can't be there can share in your big day.

Would you like a custom Facebook page for your wedding? Do you know anyone who has already created a page?

Add your story below in the comment box and let us know if you’ve done or are willing to have Pink Engagements create your Facebook wedding page.

Facebook Wedding Pages Video

As you can see Pink Engagements is a new company that creates Facebook wedding pages for engaged couples.

Are you going to contract the company to create your Facebook wedding page? Click on the link below to see a video on how to make a Facebook Like Page.

- How to Make a Facebook Like Page

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  1. This is really a great idea for those people who want to invite their friends to their wedding. This is very interesting.

  2. Hi John, thanks for your comment. This is a very popular topic now and people are find this page on the Internet every day.

    How to Make a FaceBook Like Page


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