Web Content Development | Content Marketing Webinar

Web Content Development | Content Marketing Webinar

The title of this video is Developing Web Content for Different Users and is presented by Hall Internet Marketing. They have free content marketing webinars and SEO videos on their website.

In this video you will learn:

Jenika Scott
  • Why content is important to your website
  • Different types of users coming to your website
  • Content development
  • Tips for adding content to your website

People are coming to your website for different reasons. Many are researching their options while others are ready to buy from you.

Do you have the right content on your site to meet their needs? What about your current customers?

Do you have content on your website that will be helpful to the people who are using your products and services?

In this webinar we'll discuss the different types of users that are visiting your website and then developing content that best fits their needs.

Presented by Jenika Scott of Hall Internet Marketing

You can skip down and watch the webinar. I'm just going to rehash what's said in the video because....I need content for this page :-) and what better way to include content than to write about what the video is going to present.

What is content development?

Developing Content 
Content is any information encountered by a visitor to your website.

Content comes in many different forms, for example, a testimonial can be considered content.

Anything that a visitor to your website sees or listens to is considered content.

Other forms of content can be used for content marketing purposes.

The most popular type of content are webinars and videos. A company blog is also considered content if it is on the company's website.

Other forms of content marketing development can be:

This list is about half of what's listed on the video. But it gives you an idea about what the video contains.

You can consider this a very mini-transcribed version of the webinar.

  • Case studies
  • Links
  • Whitepapers
  • eBooks
  • Images/graphics
  • Press releases
  • Newsletters
  • Podcasts

Developing Web Content For Different Users Webinar - Internet marketing video

Developing Web Content For Different Users from Hall Internet Marketing on Vimeo.

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I hope you found this video on web content development and content marketing useful.  I learned a lot from the webinar.  Jenika is a good presenter I'm glad I was able to share her work with you.

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