How to Build a Personal Brand Internet Marketing Video

How to Build a Personal Brand Internet Marketing Video

Define Your Personal Brand
This webinar on ‘how to build a personal brand and why you should’ was recorded at HubSpot’s Inbound

David Wells interviews Dan Schawbel who is the author of Me 2.0 and is considered a personal branding expert by many people in the field.

According to Dan when people think of personal branding they immediately think of social media. He goes alittle beyond that and get’s into the heart of personal branding. You can visit his blog at Personal Branding after you’re done here :-)

Personal branding expert Dan Schawbel’s quote..from the video

“So personal branding is about unearthing what makes you special and unique in the marketplace and then communicating that through various mediums to the specific people you want to go after. Not everyone, don’t try and mass market yourself, don’t try and appease everyone. You want to be very niche, at least in the beginning”.

The video is about 35-40 minutes long and goes into detail about why you should begin as soon as possible to begin building a personal brand to set yourself apart from everyone else in your profession.

Webinar Replay - How to Build a Personal Brand Internet Marketing Video

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