HubPages Subdomains How They Are Used

HubPages Subdomains and How They Are Used

HubPages Subdomains
HubPages subdomains went into effect today (July 14th, 2011) at 2 p.m.

I just happened to be studying my page views on the site when I decided to look into the forums.

After realizing what was happening and reading a few articles about why HubPages decided to change its website I got my own subdomain.

It is:

Why did HubPages decide to change to subdomains?

HubPages changed its website as a result of the Google Panda update.

I’m sure you’re tired of hearing about the Panda, but the reason everyone is writing about it is because it is an important update that affects search results on Google.

At any rate, the new subdomains will allow individual HubPages to once again rank on Google’s first page. To learn how to create high ranking HubPages please read this article or see the video below:

How I got my Hub to be on Google's first page

How do the new HubPages subdomains work?

The way that the new subdomains will achieve ranking again is by separating the bad content from the good content by individual author.

Every HubPages author now has their own subdomain so it is almost like a separate website that Google can evaluate based on content.

If an author posts duplicate content Google can and will ignore that particular author’s subdomain while still allowing other authors with quality content to rank well on the search results.

In other words one bad guy will not affect the whole website anymore which is what happened to HubPages after the Panda update.

After the videos below there is a blog post by HubPages CEO Paul Edmonson that explains the reasons why the change was necessary.

How to Hub - A HubPages Guide for Noobs – Internet Marketing Video

The video below explains how to create HubPages which you may want to watch if you’re not really familiar with HubPages.

How to Create pages in Hubpages - Internet Marketing Video

This video will show you how to create a high ranking HubPages article so that you can make money off the site.

Blog post by HubPages CEO Paul Edmonson

We are nearing the last phase of our plan to address Panda, the Google search algorithm change that has hit HubPages.

I’ve shared a number of major changes we’ve made in prior blog posts, but, to reiterate, we have been working on a plan to lift the punitive aspect of Panda from HubPages, where search engine rankings are being negatively impacted regardless of the quality of the Hub.

Open publishing platforms like HubPages, by virtue of their openness, attract a wide range of content quality.

As part of the Panda update, the presence of low quality Hubs has the ability to bring down rankings for all authors.

As we work to remedy this and restore traffic to high-quality Hubs, we take all changes to HubPages very seriously and have great respect for HubPages’ authors.

HubPages Protects Content w/Subdomains
Many of you have expressed feedback about Panda, about the disruption and the changes we are making, and about how we are going about it – both good and bad.

Our sole focus is to create the most rewarding place for people to publish online that focuses on earning an income by providing information and interesting content to those that seek it.

We will emerge from this as a stronger community and thank all of you for the feedback and thoughts.

Part of that feedback has been to be given a heads-up on the changes we plan to make, so keep reading for a recap and our next steps.

To read the full post:

I hope this explained a little about the new HubPages subdomains and how they work. If you're not yet on HubPages I suggest you look into getting an account over there.

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