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Internet Marketing Mistakes

Too often bloggers complain that after a great start, a year later their blog isn't receiving the kind of traffic they want.

This is an ordinary problem that sometimes revolves around a small list of normal mistakes made by the owner of the blog.

You can sit back and hope that the blog will do all of the work for you but that is a terrible way to approach your Internet marketing efforts.

A successful blogger/web site owner will tell you that a great looking blog takes a lot of dedication and sustained effort to make it work.

You must put in research time in order to maintain a blog, especially after the first few weeks or so of completing the design.

Many people work extremely hard during the primary design period that they become lazy after it is complete because they don't see results right away. To avoid this happening to you look at some common Internet marketing and blogging mistakes.

Infrequent Updates

The first mistake people make is not posting or updating the site frequently.

Successful blogs create new content daily. Even if it is a shared post (I do that a couple of times a week.)  If you're on blogger it's easy to share a post.  Just click on the share button and the article will be placed on your blog.

You can then add a little content by cutting and pasting parts of the original article.

Some of the bigger blogs are constantly being updated with several posts daily. You should create new articles as often as possible. Preferably once a day.

If you skip a day a few times a month, it won't be a problem. However, if you miss more than a week without posting, your blog may be dead already.

You have to take a some time to research and read up on your topic so that you can get ideas. PLR articles are great for content too. I use them all the time.

Just change the wording a little bit on a PLR article and you have a blog post! This shouldn't be that challenging.

It is easy to keep your blog updated, if you make it a priority.

Over Doing The Advertising

Web site owners and bloggers want to make a profit. That's why you got into it. Right?

Marketing Correctly
This can get out of check quickly. If you are want to include ads to your blog, do carefully.

A few correctly placed ads that offer viewers links to content that is relevant is welcomed most of the time.

Don't add a massive amount of AdSense or affiliate links on your blog. That can be a problem.

If you have a bunch of flashy ads on your blog, your content will get lost within the hoopla.

Try to limit your ads to 3 or less per page. Or be consistent with your ads. If you look at this blog you'll see that I have 3 ads running. AdSense, Amazon and Clickbank.

Place your ads in places that compliment your site. Some bloggers also have contrasting ads that really stand out, but look good on the web page.

Let your content be the first thing a visitor sees.  Use h1 and h2 tags for headings instead of just using the bold feature.  Be intelligent when including advertising on your blog!

Research other web sites and blogs to view how they have their ads and articles set up.  Did I mention research?

Amateurish Appearance

Looks do matter when it comes to your blog.

You will be taken seriously if your site looks clean and professional. Make your pages crisp and clean with easy navigation.  If you want to boost traffic and keep the visitors you have, try a more serious page layout or appearance for your blog.

Many serious bloggers hire professionals.

If you want to do it yourself however, you must make sure the end product is good. Learn basic HTML if you don't know it already. It's not that hard to learn and you'll have more control over your pages.

If you have a sloppy blog that looks “homemade” you will not likely have a great response. Try different layouts and approaches to see what gets you the most traffic.

I spent a few hours today changing the design of  this blog and I received more followers today than I did all week.  It pays to test.

Too Many Graphics

Pictures will add an eye catching element to your blog and draw in more readers. However, when done extravagantly, pictures will drive people away.

The primary reason that too many pictures can ruin a blog is because there are a lot of people who still use dial up connections. Especially people in rural areas.

When these people click on your link to load your page, it will take an excessively long time to do so.

This in turn will drive them and anyone else with this problem away. Try limiting your pages to a few pictures per page.

Irrelevant Content & Ads

The Internet is a place where everyone can freely express themselves. But if you want your blog to survive you should think about that freedom of expression.

You should always say what you feel, especially on your own turf but you can do so in appropriate manners on your blog.

There are ways to say express what's on your mind without using profanity or any offensive language. I was using StumbleUpon earlier and came across a web site where the first thing I read was 'what the fuck'.

I quickly pressed the back button.

If you want your blog to be successful, you cannot be inappropriate with your content. You'll offend a lot of people and they'll hit the back button.

Earlier I mentioned PLR content.  If you need PLR content shoot me an email at and I'll send you some.

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Let's grow together,

Ramiro Rodriguez
Internet Marketer eBook Seller

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