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Video Use Is Exploding

Video Sharing

Video is the ‘in-thing’. People are using videos to share ideas and to teach and train on a variety of topics. The Internet is no longer text based.

Web surfers are expecting to find videos on web sites and they’re using video to better express their feelings and ideas. YouTube has apps for smart phones which allow users to view content on the go. Videos can also be shared easily.

Google loves videos because it is now combining video with search results. If you’ve had to perform a search lately you’ve noticed that video is a clickable option in your results.

Videoblogs, just as text based blogs can be fed through RSS easily. Your RSS can be monetized with AdSense (I have mine monetized) to increase revenues. Monetizing your RSS feed can be accomplished with a few clicks.


Monetizing RSS Feeds Video


Using Video On Your Website

If you’re considering video as a content option keep in mind that videos use more disk space on your computer and on online servers. You will also have to learn a whole new set of software programs.

Although people can express their ideas easier with videos, businesses who use videos have higher conversion rates than competitors. If done correctly, video can be more than just a commercial to viewers.

Businesses are using video to entertain, inform and to display their products to prospective customers. Video is a powerful tool to help you reach your target audience.

Although anyone with a web cam can create videos businesses that are just starting out should invest in video editing equipment and quality cameras and lighting.

When buying a video camera remember that the higher the resolution the better the quality of the video. Lighting is just as important as the quality of the camera. Shadows do not transfer well on video.
Video Quality Begins With Lights

Make sure that you have proper lighting in the room where you’re using the video camera. Natural light is best. Open all of the curtains and turn on the lights if you want a crisp, clear video.

Recording Sound

A high quality microphone is needed for a professional sound. Use a microphone that you can attach to your shirt collar so that the sound isn’t bouncing off the walls as you speak. You could also record your voice after shooting the video as a voice-over.

Voice-overs are used for slide show presentations and when using Camtasia, the popular video creating software.

After you’ve completed your video you should edit the clips and sound or delete angles that are not clear. Most video editing programs are user-friendly and allow you to edit with a few clicks.


SEO & Video Marketing

When choosing a name for your video add one or two of your key words in the title for SEO. Remember Google loves video. So if you want to get ahead of the competition begin now. SEO for videos is a growing industry that not many people are aware of.

Videos can also be submitted to search engines along with your web pages. This will give you higher ranking on search results.

Succeeding in today’s tough competitive market place is a lot like finding a job. You’ll need certain skills to get ahead of the crowd.

Practice making videos when you’re alone and watch the playback a few times before you do it again. Watching the playback will allow you to view what you’re doing with your hands and head. You’ll also be able to hear the way you sound when you pronounce words.

Lastly, video has its pros and cons but the benefits far outweigh the cons. Video on your blog or web site will help you rank higher on search engines if you wrap your video with key words.

Your customers will come back again and again if you have good video content. Even if it’s not your own.

Videos can be embedded with a few clicks and adding an h2 tag to the video’s title allows you to include a key word with your anchor text. Anyone can go to YouTube and find videos to embed on their web sites. Proving once again that the Internet has leveled the field.

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