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New Internet Marketing Resource

I've been working on a new social networking site that I created on the Wikis by platform.

Wikis are free social forum web sites that anyone can create.  A Wiki web site functions like

You can create your own social networking site and invite your friends to join just as with Facebook.  Friends can post comments and pictures and it's easy for your friends to sign up to join your network. 

It's as simple as clicking the sign up button.  Or you can send them an invitation via email.  There are share buttons throughout the web site that easily allow friends to share content.

Friends can open discussions and share information.  Members can also contribute to the development of the web site if you choose.  You're in complete control!

Wikis are incredibly easy to create.  I was up and running in less than an hour.  I added a video and a page and posted my picture.  Every task is point and click. 

I even signed up on my web page as a different person with another email account and the process was effortless.  With a Wiki web site you can have your own private club on the Internet.

The service is free because it is supported by Google AdSense.  Please note that they do not share revenue.

Of course I plan to use mine as an extension of this blog.  You can view my page to see an example of what a personal Wiki's web site looks like and how it functions.  My Wiki social web site is named Internet Marketing Training Center.

Please remember that I created this website an hour ago and I'll be working on it for a while yet before I go live. 

Internet Marketing Traffic Increase

Testing Internet Marketing Traffic

I've also been working on testing the traffic again.  I optimized my how to sell used cell phones article on and I immediately received an increase in traffic.  I also positioned the article on Google's first page.

Go to Google and type in the search term, How to start a business selling used cell phones, and my HubPages article will be 3rd on Google's first search results page.  I got on Google's first page!

What promted the testing was an article I read about how to rank first on Google searches.  The article is titled How I Got My Hub To Be On Google's First Page and it's written by Mark Knowles.  He's a good guy.

Have you noticed all of the links on this page?

That's part of ranking high on search engines.  Your web pages and articles should be informative for the reader.  Google ranks web pages with a lot of outbound links very high.

Include outbound links to articles you've read or news stories on your pages and articles.  Provide your reader with more information resources.

Try not to type 'click here' to read the article.  Write the article's title and create the link to be the length of the title, like I did on Mark Knowles' link above.

I also added video to the cell phones page to help optimize it a little higher for search engines. 

Internet consumption is 60% video and growing.  Google ranks web pages with relevant video content high. 

Internet Video Growth

I've been posting videos by embedding them from  It's a lot easier than downloading and uploading videos and I don't have to worry about bandwidth on my account.

Something else I did to increase traffic was to include a few pictures and I added h2 and h3 tags throughout the article.  For an HTML Tutorial visit this link.

After I changed the article and published it I had six hits within an hour and about 14 hits a couple of hours later.


Look at the Ads by Google links on this page and study them a little bit.  They are extremely targeted to Internet marketing training because those are the links and h2 and h3 tags and key words that I used on this page.

It is very easy to optimize pages to increase traffic.  I just did it.

The hard part is finding the videos and stories and links to include in your article.  This is where good researching skills are valuable.

Did you read the last post 5 Ways To Grow An Authentic Online Community?

Let's grow together,

Ramiro Rodriguez
Internet Marketer

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