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Attracting Fans To Your Facebook Fan Page

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It’s all very well having a Facebook Fan Page, but if you only have about 6 fans, 2 of whom are your mum and your old headmaster, what’s the point?

Attracting fans to a Fan Page is an ongoing thing, so here are some ideas that may help you – feel free to post your own ideas in the comments!

Suggest To Friends

1) Invite your contacts by clicking on the ‘suggest to friends’ link at the top left of your Facebook fan page. This allows you to choose which friends to send an invitation to. Once you’ve invited someone, their name is greyed out, so you can’t invite them to often.

Profile Page

2) Post details of the Fan page to our profile page by clicking on the ‘Share’ button, which is way down on the left, and easily missed. This posts a little ad for your page on your personal profile.

Facebook Fan Box

3) Put a Facebook fan box on your website / blog. By going to you can create a fan box that allows people to see your Facebook stream and become a fan right from your website.

Page Badges

4) Add a Page Badge at A Page Badge allows you to share your Facebook fan page info on other websites and forums.

Facebook And Twitter

5) Connect to Twitter. By visiting you can hook up your Facebook page with your Twitter account. While I don’t think this is great for EVERYTHING you post to your Facebook page, it is good for directing your Twitter followers to your Fan Page, which in turn encourages them to become fans.

Twitter Followers

6) Leading on from this, why not just invite your Twitter followers to become fans? A simple post once a week or so (at different times to reach followers who may not have seen it) works wonders.

Quality Updates

7) Post updates that your fans will want to share. Every time a fan shares a post from your Fan Page, a link to your Fan Page is included in their news stream and broadcast to all of their friends.

The more interesting things you post, the more likely your friends are to share your content.

8) ASK! Ask your current fans to recommend your page to 5 of their friends – many of them will, and it’s amazing how quickly the fans can grow.

Regular Posting

9) Post regularly. If you rarely post or comment on your Fan page, then people coming to view it won’t be tempted to join. Be sure to post something every day.

Avoid Self-Promotion

10) Don’t just self promote. No-one wants to be a fan of a page that just shoves their self promotion down your throat (unless the page is specifically for that purpose and it’s made clear from the beginning). Not sure what to post on your Facebook fan page? See our blog on this here: What should I post on my Facebook Fan Page?

Involve Your Fans

11) Encourage your fans to post on your page. People like to be involved – allow them to post on your page and you’ll encourage loyalty and more. You can choose to have fan posts shown in the main Wall stream, or keep them separate – I prefer to keep them all together at it gives a better overall idea of the page.

Interact With Fans

12) Respond to fans. There’s nothing worse than seeing Fan Pages where fans have commented and been ignored. Try and make a habit of checking your Fan Page at least twice a day to respond to comments. Don’t ignore the people you’re trying to attract!

Use Tags Smartly

13) Tag fans where relevant. If you post a photograph, video or note, and it’s relevant (the key word here is relevant – don’t just tag everyone for the hell of it), then tag them so they are alerted. Many people who are tagged in things will come and comment, or share with their friends.

eMail Signature

14) Add your Facebook Fan Page address to your email signature. How many emails do you send out a day to customers and potential clients? Encourage them to become fans!

Newsletter Subscribers

15) Talk about it in your newsletter. Encourage your newsletter subscribers to become fans in order to receive more up to date information.

Special Offers For Fans Only

16) Offer price cuts and special offers via your Fan Page – make sure that people know they have to become fans to make the most of this.

Free Is Expected

17) Have a giveaway. Be careful not to break Facebook competition rules, but a giveaway for people commenting on your fan page can encourage fans to comment, share and suggest your page to their friends.

Ask Fans To Join

18) Join my new Facebook fan page – Here’s My Fanpage – a place for people with Fan Pages to promote their pages. Simply post the address and a short description of what fans can expect. Of course, to post on this page you need to become a fan, but we’re hoping it will turn into a great resource for promotion and finding of Fan Pages to follow.

Blog Comment Box

19) When you comment on blogs, leave your Facebook Fan Page address instead of your website address. If you comment on lots of blogs you could alternate the two.

Web Address URL

20) Put your Facebook Fan Page address on all your printed material – this works best if you have over 25 fans and have a vanity URL.

Running Ads On Facebook

21) Use Facebook ads to advertise your page. It doesn’t have to cost the earth, and you can test it out with a relatively small amount of money. (Drop me a line if you’d like to know more about this)

Download Now

Free Downloads

22) Create exclusive content. Have a download that only fans of your page can download. Be sure to mention it everywhere!

Using The Press

23) Add your Facebook Fan Page address to the end of your press releases.

Google Ads

24) Use Google Ads to drive people to your Facebook fan page.

Radio & Television

25) Mention your Facebook fan page in any radio or TV interviews.


26) Make sure it’s quoted in any online or offline written interviews too!


27) Use your Fan Page to source suppliers – if people know you’re going to ask on your Fan Page for supplier recommendations, they’re more likely to become a fan.

So there you are, 27 ways to get fans to your page – how many have you tried?

Have you tried anything else that worked well? Why not post details of your Fan Page below and see if you can grab a few more fans?  And of course, here’s the link for the Facebook Fan Page

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