Search Engine Marketing - The Five Rs of Search Engine Marketing

In a video interview with Web Marketing Today, Bryan Eisenberg offers a 7-minute primer on what he terms the Five Rs of search engine marketing.

"I really wanted to demystify [the five core principles], especially for a lot of small and midsize businesses," he explains. "They hear so much conflicting [information] about search."

Here's a quick overview of Eisenberg's thoughts on each R:


"How do you make sure you have the right content that's speaking to what people are interested in?" Eisenberg asks. "The search engine's goal is to match the user with what is going to be the most relevant content related to what their query is."


Good reviews never hurt—but they can be much more helpful if they come from respected sources. "Who's saying you have good content? Who's linking to you, saying you have good content?" he asks.


A good way to go unnoticed by search engines is with competent—but unremarkable—products, services and content. "People don't comment about stuff that's ordinary," says Eisenberg. "You have to be remarkable. Remarkably good or remarkably bad: that's when they comment."


Make your content easy for customers to digest by breaking chunks of information into headlines, bullet points, graphics and infographics, Eisenberg advises. You appeal to search engines with proper content like well-chosen tags and keywords, he notes.


"When developing your content," Eisenberg adds, "write about topics that have wider interest." If your focus becomes too narrow, he warns, people simply won't search for the information you have to offer.

The Po!nt

How remarkable is your rep these days? Remembering the Five Rs could help keep your SEO strategy on course.

Source: Web Marketing Today.

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