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 This is a very good training presentation about the best time in the day to get on Twitter for more retweets and the best times to post on Facebook.

Learn the best times to blog, send email, tweet and more!

"The hugely popular webinar had a number of interesting takeaways, some of which were surprising." For example:
  • Tweeting later in the day and later in the week results in more retweets.
  • The click-through-rate on tweeted links appears to spike in the late morning and then again around 5pm.
  • The click-through rate on links tends to decline as more links are tweeted per hour. After about six links per hour, click-throughs essentially drop off.
  • Still, tweeting more frequently leads to more followers, but Facebook is a different story: Too many posts on Facebook can more easily alienate people.
  • Weekends are an ideal time for sharing on Facebook.
  • More people tend to open marketing emails in the early morning than any other time during the day. Weekends also appear to be effective for emails.
Check out the slides below for more data-backed social media pointers.
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