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Google's Answer To Facebook
 Google just rolled out the +1 button.  It's still in the beta stage and is being listed as an Internet marketing experiment

The +1 button will allow Google users to create personal recommendations that their friends and family can share with each other. 

You must be logged-in to your account to activate the +1 button feature.  How to get the +1 Button?

Watch the video below to learn more.  It's less than two minutes.


Social Media And Internet Marketing

Google's answer to Facebook's Like button has taken Social Media to a new level.  As Google and Facebook battle it out the consumer will be the one to benefit in more ways than one.

Social Media Marketing Battle

The +1 button allows users to share products that they search for with their family and friends.  And companies they had a good experience with.

Psst..Check Out...
Word of mouth advertising is the strongest recommendation a company can receive.  I am going to follow this closely because I think a new industry will emerge. 

To read more about the +1 button click on the link below.

Google's Web Master Central

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