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Hello Everyone!
It is 11:34 p.m. and I’m working. Actually I slept during the day.

I was tired because I was up all night learning about and writing two articles to post on the site.

HubPages is awesome. It is incredibly simple to create a “hub” (article) and post it. The best part is that they monetize your articles with Google Adsense, eBay, and a couple of other affiliate programs.

When I posted my first article I chose to monetize it with Adsense. I used Adsense before and I made money with the program. Google sends checks to your house once a month if you choose.

To read one of my articles on HubPages please click here.

I published my articles about 18 hours ago and combined, they’ve had 39 hits! That’s almost as good as this blog’s hits. I’m sure traffic will pick up after Google crawls the site and finds my articles. That can sometimes take a week or more.

HubPages suggests to write about things that will have a lasting interest so that the writer can continue to make money from a hub years from now.

For example, if you write an article about how diabetes affects the body it will have lasting interest. If you write an article about a new diabetes blood testing gadget people will lose interest quickly once the gadget becomes well known.

I’m tempted to get in and begin writing another article but I’m first going to take the time to learn more about monetizing my hubs.

I’m a member of the’s affiliate program and I want to add books to my hubs. One of the main features on HubPages is that you can choose the layout of your hub and what to monetize it with.

A writer can also choose not to monetize a hub.

I’m very excited about HubPages and the potential it has for generating an online income. If I listen to HubPages’s advice and write about things that remain interesting I’ll have residual income for years to come. And that’s my goal!

Let’s grow together,

Ramiro Rodriguez

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