Getting Lost And Distracted On The Internet

Yesterday I made a plan and a “to do” list and got to work on my future business.

I got online to search for eBooks with Master Resale Rights to purchase and resell on Kindle, eBay and a web page. 

And I found a really cool site called

I’m going to purchase one of their eBooks to check it for quality and readability.  They hire professional ghost writers. I downloaded one of their free eBooks and read it.  It was very well done.

However, I didn’t find the site until very late.

What happened?  I got lost surfing the Internet.  I learned a lot and it was fun but by the time I got down to business I was tired. 

I didn’t manage my time well and it cost me a few hours that I could’ve spent trying to get a business going. 

This morning I read the following article that put me back on track:

Do Things in Order of Importance
By Laura Stack 

Watch the Video

Let’s face it: for most of us, to-do lists are indispensible guides to our lives, especially the daily ones we construct every evening to delineate exactly what we need to get done the next day (you do that, correct?).

But it’s too easy to fall into the trap of assuming everything on your list is of equal importance, which clearly isn’t the case.

Does ordering party favors for a friend’s baby shower compare to completing a draft for a million-dollar contract? No.

But it’s tempting—and it is human nature—to get those little tasks done instead of jumping on the mega-task. And yes, it’s also tempting to put off the onerous yet pressing tasks. But don’t!

You’ve got to get them done and putting them off doesn’t serve you. Productivity isn’t measured by how many hours you work or how fast you work. It boils down to how much value you produce in the time spent.

© 2010 Laura Stack

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