Traffic Report On Internet Marketing Efforts

Traffic Report On Internet Marketing Efforts

Hello Everyone!

I may have made a mistake by trying to get traffic from Facebook too quickly. 

The other day I spent about five hours posting on one of the discussion boards on the NetworkedBlogs site that's connected to Facebook.  And while I did generate some traffic I received a lot of time consuming emails.

Every time someone replied to one of my posts I received an email.  I've probably received over 100 emails so far and I'm still trying to turn off the notifications!

The problem is that it's not really targeted traffic.  Everyone on the discussion boards wanted to promote a link.  I've decided that it's not really worth the effort to generate traffic that way.

I'm going to focus on the forums today by posting and answering questions to test how much traffic I can generate from them.

Am I moving too fast?

Video Training - Internet Marketing

I created this blog a few days ago and while it's already making money I am getting only one time visitors because I don't have a lot of content yet.  With that in mind, I created a new Video Training page.

The videos are very high quality and will help you take your Internet marketing efforts to a new level.  When I watched the videos I felt motivated and I learned something new from a professional entrepreneur.

It was really easy to create this page.  It took me about two hours.

The reason it was so easy to create the page is because has embed codes on every video.  So I just highlighted the HTML embed code, copied it and pasted it on my page. 

I had to adjust the video autoplay and size of the video window so knowledge of HTML is helpful when creating this kind of page.  It's helpful but not necessary. 

If you want to post the videos as they're formatted you can just paste the code on your web page.  They were too wide on my page so I made the adjustment. 

The autoplay feature was crazy fun.  When I tested the page three of the videos started playing at once!  After laughing I went into the HTLM and figured out how to turn them off.

Visit the page to view how I laid out the videos.  It's just a straight forward downward scroll.  I'll add more text and videos shortly.

I received 24 friend requests from Facebook yesterday after posting on a discussion board.  The requests came from teenagers and other people who aren't into making money online so I declined the requests.

Remember the targeted traffic mantra.  Get people who like what you like.

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Let's grow together,

Ramiro Rodriguez
Internet Marketer

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