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Hello Everyone!

I’ve been busy researching and reading about Internet marketing and social media.  And I wrote an eBook and listed it for sale on’s Kindle platform.
Remember the article I wrote on how to sell used cell phones?  Well, I expanded the article and turned it into an eBook.  To tell you the truth?  I’m a little scared.  I don’t think that my eBook will sell.
Because Kindle allows users to download a sample of an eBook before they purchase it.  I’m afraid that when people download a sample my book they won’t want to purchase it because I am not a good writer.
I posted it any way.  I am stepping into my fear.  I am going to think positive and realize that this is another learning experience. 
The reason I wrote the eBook on selling used cell phones is because people have been searching on the Internet for this information.  On my blog alone I’ve had several hits on my article Placed “I Buy Used Cell Phones Ad”.
When I looked at my stats page I noticed that the clicks came from a search engine. 
I’ve also been doing a little testing the last couple of days.  I logged on to Google Trends and noticed that Elizabeth Taylor was on the top of the list because of her recent death.  People were searching for information on her.
I wrote a quick article listing all of the movies she made just to see what would happen.  I posted the article on HubPages and began getting hits right away.
The Elizabeth Taylor article received more hits in 24 hours than my best article had been doing all week.  She was hot.  I have the article monetized with AdSense. 
I wish I had included a book about her from I am a member of their affiliate club and I could’ve made a sale.
I am falling behind on working on my blog.  There is a lot I have to learn and I still need to post articles and pages.  I need content!
I tried working from PLR articles but left it alone to work on the eBook.  I need to start making money right away.
Let’s grow together,
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