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I got a bunch of traffic today.  And I made some money.  But first let tell you what I was thinking.

A lot of the courses out there say that if you want traffic to your site to visit forums and join discussion groups.  It's nothing new.  It's nothing new because it works.  Read my discoveries.

Internet Marketing Tests

First things first.  I switched blogs.  I am now concentrating my efforts to this blog because it's already making money and I just started it a couple of days ago.  I monetized it the same night and started posting my articles.

I made the right decision.  Blogger is awesome.  It is so easy to make money on the Internet.  After the traffic explosion I received today I can't wait to keep writing my articles and Internet marketing discoveries.

I spent all day testing what would happen if I got on the message boards and discussion groups and started posting replies and opening topics.  It's time consuming.

I started about five hours ago and I just checked my stats and my jaw dropped.  I got a lot of traffic.

Another thing I did today was to send a message to everyone who started following me on Twitter.  The message was simple. 

I thanked them for the follow and asked them to please give me some feedback on my article My Internet Marketing Efforts.  I did it quickly by pasting the same message over and over so I didn't have to retype it every time.

Something else that might've contributed to my increase in traffic is that last night I made a guest post on another blog.  I just recycled an article I had already written.

Internet Marketing Discoveries

Jumping on the message boards and Internet marketing discussion groups really does bring in traffic.  I am so psyched.

Most of the traffic I received today came from Facebook.  Probably because I was on the Facebook Networked Blogs site.  I joined today and jumped right in exploring other blogs and leaving messages and posting replies.

The traffic came in.  My efforts paid off. 

I am very tempted to begin article marketing.  I already have two articles out there in Internet marketing article directories (click on the link to read about the best 10 directories and reviews.)

The only reason I am hesitating to post to the article directories now is because I want to keep testing what I was doing today to see how much more traffic I can bring in just by posting replies and posting comments on other blogs.

Internet Marketing Strategy

I am going to continue to post articles on HubPages and I'm going to continue to post replies and comments for a week to see what happens.  I'm sure my traffic is going to increase.

Beginning next Saturday I'm going to start posting articles to article directories to see what happens (will someone please remind me).  I don't think that posting to the directories will bring me the instant traffic that I got today.  I think I read somewhere that it takes a few weeks for that strategy to kick in.

If anyone can help with that please feel free to send me an email.  I'll post your answer with a link to your blog and a Like on Facebook.

Let's grow together,

Ramiro Rodriguez
Internet Marketer

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