Social Media Marketing Services Now Offered by Next Door Neighbor Marketing

Social Media Marketing Services Now Offered by Next Door Neighbor Marketing

Ann Arbor, Michigan, September 3, 2011Social media marketing continues to be an opportunity for small businesses to create brand awareness and increase sales by targeting prospects with high quality content and engagement on a consistent basis.
Social Media Marketing Success

The social media marketing services offered by Next Door Neighbor Marketing are designed to help businesses grow by leveraging social media content sharing and Internet marketing in a way that introduces and sells products and services by gaining fans and attracting followers to the brand.

The company strategically engages with their client’s target market and attracts leads into a marketing funnel which enables team members to follow-up with the prospect until a purchase is accomplished. A few of the services offered by the company include:

  • Social Media Marketing Audit
  • Social Media Marketing Tech Setup & Design
  • Social Media Creative Content & Direction
  • Social Profile Management & Maintenance

Next Door Neighbor Marketing integrates direct-response marketing and social media tracking into all of its Internet marketing campaigns which are designed for clients and generates reports based on ROI and tracking data on social media presence.

Prospect engagement and responses are reported continually throughout the campaign in order to track which strategies are more likely to be successful in the long term.

The company also offers free social media marketing training videos on the website which include lessons on how to analyze a company’s social media following, how to provide quality content to a target market without spending a lot of money as well as how to encourage prospects to take action immediately by either making a purchase or leaving an email address for future follow-up.


For more than four years I worked as an IT consultant by helping hundreds of small businesses strategically design, coordinate and implement Information Technology solutions. I also became interested in Internet marketing and started a popular and successful online health and fitness company called Get Lean In 12.


Ryan Colby
Next Door Neighbor Marketing
Phone: 734-719-0254

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  1. Awesome Blog Post can’t wait to read More of your Information... Keep up the Great Job... I will be back daily and will share the blog with my list of followers...Thanks for Give great Value...

  2. Thanks for your comment Lloyd. Social media marketing is an industry unto itself now and there's a lot of work in the field.

  3. I am in the process of getting my website up and running, just fine tuning and testing it at the moment. I am fairly new to websites so online marketing is a bit of a minefield.

  4. You're going to learn by trial and error my friend. Websites are a lot of work but worth the effort.

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  6. Hi Judith,

    Thanks for dropping by and leaving a comment. You're awesome!


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