My Wife Cheated On Me Website Launched by SKW Marketing Executive

My Wife Cheated On Me Website Launched by SKW Marketing Executive

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Rochester, New York, September 8, 2011 - My Wife Cheated On Me - The new website was created to support men with information on how to deal with the emotional issues surrounding infidelity as well as how to decide whether or not to continue the marriage.

Cheating Wife?
The website also publishes tips on how to deal with the knowledge that the spouse is having an affair as well as how to overcome denial by confronting the situation in different ways.

My Wife Cheated On Me Website Popular in Social Media

The My Wife Cheated On Me website has gained a loyal following on social media websites such as Facebook and MySpace and other smaller sites comparable to FriendFeed.

Many people Tweet the stories found on the site with tends to drive traffic and create a buzz around the website.

Both men and women share the stories found on the website and leave comments in the community area with tips and general emotional support.

“First and foremost, I love your website. The outpouring of support, advice, and the people sharing their experiences has helped me tremendously. I never expected this type of response from a website like this. I want to say to everyone from the bottom of my now broken heart, thank you all very much”. – Jay, Oklahoma

The tips and advice published on the website are written by professional marriage counselors and psychologists trained to deal with infidelity.

Professional counselors at the My Wife Cheated On Me Website

There are four marriage counselors employed by the My Wife Cheated On Me website which dispense advice.

Each counselor has more than twenty years of experience in the marriage counseling field with a good record of keeping marriages together. The counselors have worked in group settings as well as one-on-one with patients on a regular basis in addition to maintaining the website.

There are also two psychologists on the site which help men who have found out their wife is cheating on them with advice on which steps to take to rebuild the marriage if they decide to do so.

All of the information and advice on the website is free and identities are permitted to remain anonymous.


SKW Marketing, which has been in operation since 2009, is a company dedicated to helping consumers and businesses find the information and products they need to help them succeed.


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