Internet Marketing News Video Yahoo! Fires CEO

Internet Marketing News Video Yahoo! Fires CEO

This Internet marketing news video discusses a few of the search engine changes that occurred over the past week.

You may have already heard about Yahoo firing Carol Bartz.

Carol served as CEO for about three years before she was fired.

Other Internet marketing news by RustyBrick

I released our monthly Google Webmaster report. Google's subdomain change in Google Webmaster Tools does not impact rankings.

Bing renewed their deal with Twitter. Bing finds social factors to be more important than link factors. Google fixed the webmaster tools reporting delay.

Yahoo Drops Bartz, Subdomain Change Doesn't Impact Google Rankings – Internet marketing news video

You can view more Internet marketing news videos by Barry Schwartz on RustyBrick’s YouTube channel or visiting the news page on this blog :-)

Video recap:

Google AdWords shares their new ad sitelinks forms. Google tests hiding the vertical search icons on the left bar.

Google will speed up their DMCA process. Google buys Zagat. Google sends top contributors to California for a meet up.

We had a funny "duh" SEO moment. Finally, it was Labor Day and Freddie Mercury's logo on Google and others. That was this past week at the Search Engine Roundtable Google Report.

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